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❱❱ MYTHBUSTERS Does Social Media Really Work for My Company? BY JEFF FENNER W '' We have seen good results by sharing information and positioning ourselves with customers as expert problem solvers." - SARA MCKINNEY, MARKETING MANAGER, ACTION PEST CONTROL 28 | PEST WORLD > JULY / AUGUST 2016 ith the advent of social media and online marketing over the last 10 years, pest management companies have spent significant time and resources trying to determine the best social media strategy to follow and, more importantly, how to measure the impact of their efforts. Pest management marketers have also spent much time and effort debunking myths about the reach and effectiveness of social media. For Sara McKinney, marketing manager for Action Pest Control in Evansville, Indiana, clearing the smoke around these myths has come through trial and error. Action focuses its social media marketing efforts primarily on Facebook and LinkedIn, and McKinney says both are useful listening and learning tools with customers. Like most marketing managers in the industry, McKinney was sold early on with social media's potential to be a valuable spoke in the integrated marketing wheel. And like most of her peers, she fought the battle with management to prove its worth as not just another line item expense. Part of that battle was trying to determine just how much of an influencer social media is with prospective customers. Was it a myth or a fact that customers responded to social media? Depending on the research report or social media expert you listened to at a conference, that answer differed. In McKinney's case, debunking the myth about social media's reach came in the ability to measure results through analytics and track how customers were interacting with Action through social media and by subtly engaging in the process. "Social media is definitely an influencer with customers, but not in the direct way you would think," says McKinney. While McKinney maintains a regular schedule of posts, she has discovered real value by participating in online conversations seeking recommendations on who to call for pest management services. continued on page 30

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