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your team is you. You've got to be a leader and you have to motivate
people." By motivating your team, Marshall says you'll also boost their
confidence. "If you can't train your techs to be confident, you're never
going to grow your business," Marshall adds.
As a PMP, you and your team should be committed to
putting the customer first. "Pest management is more
about people than pests," Bullert asserts. "You can be the
best at killing bugs, but that will not necessarily make you
a successful business person."
What's one surefire way to foster loyalty with both your customers
and employees? By showing them you have faith in the company's
mission. "Your customers and your staff must know that you believe
in what you are doing," Bullert says. "They must know why you are
committed to protecting human health and property through your
chosen career in pest management. If you don't show that you believe
in your company and your product, your customers and staff will not
believe in you."
As the old saying goes, failure is life's greatest teacher.
"Accept the fact that not everything is always going to go
right," Morrison suggests. "Some of your decisions won't
pan out perfectly, and that's OK! Being a confident leader
doesn't mean you're always right."
The next time you're staring down a potential failure, think about
Thomas Edison. His most famous invention was the light bulb, but it took
him 1,000 attempts to develop a successful prototype. "How did it feel
to fail 1,000 times?" a reporter once asked him. "I didn't fail 1,000 times,"
Edison retorted. "The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps."
As a business leader, you typically play the role of
teacher to your team. However, if you want to nurture
your confidence, it's important to be a student every
now and then.
"My advice to those looking to advance as a professional in pest management is to always be a student of your craft," Bullert says. "Embrace
every opportunity to gain knowledge. Attend NPMA events and your
state pest management association events. Learn about the latest technical advances in our industry. Introduce yourself to other leaders in pest
management and find out what makes them a good leader. Get involved
in NPMA or your state association, and lead a committee or task force. This
experience will hone your leadership skills and give you more confidence
in your leadership role within your company."
Confident leaders aren't afraid to step out of their comfort zone and tackle new obstacles. "Try something new
outside of the scope of your normal duties or environment," Morrison encourages. "If you're uncomfortable,
that's good! Sometimes growth is uncomfortable, and many times, the
anticipation of the challenge is the worst part."


You have to choose your attitude
and experience will come with time.
Your positive attitude and confidence
will spread to your team and they, too,
will catch the bug and work hard to
reach their successes!"

A strong leader should always have all the answers...
right? Absolutely not. Leaders aren't expected to be
perfect, omniscient people. However, they are expected
to be honest when they don't know the answer.
"If you are relatively new to pest management, don't fake it," Bullert
advises. "Have the confidence in yourself to say, 'I don't know,' and then
seek out the knowledge from your list of resources." Turn to pest control
literature, professionals you have met at industry events, NPMA's online
community, or manufacturer representatives and product distributors.
"Your staff and your customers will appreciate your professional
approach to getting the right answer rather than the quick answer," Bullert
explains. "This will establish trust with your team by showing them that your
confidence does not exceed your ability. I have been in pest management
nearly 20 years, and I am still learning and asking questions."
Bullert says leaders shouldn't confuse confidence with
arrogance. "Confidence is a positive mindset that is necessary for a successful leader in pest management," he
explains. "A good leader finds the right balance between
confidence and humility. We must humble ourselves every day in order
to identify our opportunities for improvement. At the same time, we
must be confident that we will find a way to succeed."
Last but not least, confident leaders know how to inspire
their employees. "We do not work in an industry where
you can just demand performance," Bullert points out. "In
pest management, our teams must be inspired to perform.
The attitude that your team members have when they leave the office will
dictate how they perform all day long. As a leader, you set the tone for the
attitude of the team."
By following these 10 tips, not only will you boost your own confidence level, but you'll also cultivate confidence in your employees
and customers.
"Confidence as a leader in our industry comes from attitude, knowledge and experience," Bullert concludes. "You have to choose your
attitude and experience will come with time. Your positive attitude
and confidence will spread to your team and they, too, will catch the
bug and work hard to reach their successes!" ●

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