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widely missing the mark for optimal marketing and revenue results.
With that said, there has been a lot of discussion about the rise of paid
social content to break through digital clutter. Truth be told, in order
to be successful, you're going to need to commit both time and a little
bit of money to your social media efforts to help drive engagement
and ensure your posts are being seen. But a small amount of money
can go a long way when used correctly. reports, "It
is possible to reach a high audience on a low budget using Facebook
advertising and Facebook post boosts. When it comes to boosts, success
depends greatly on the quality of your post, the graphic you use and
the audience you using Facebook ads correctly, $1 per day
for several weeks can grow your audience by thousands."
The idea is to spend wisely when you pay. According to, marketers may make the mistake of cramming
ad dollars into several social media posts without fully considering the
level of quality those posts may have. "If you're simply pumping out
poor quality content, people won't stop to look at it, click-through, or
call," reports. "Hence, sometimes going back to
basics and focusing on creating really good quality content, which will
perform well organically, can be the key to your social media success."
There are also other important, free aspects of social media to consider that can help maximize marketing efforts. Monitoring content and
conversations, for example, helps inform what current and potential
customers are talking about right now and what's important to them.
For example, if various people are taking to social media to express that
professional pest control is expensive, it may be an appropriate time to
disseminate messaging about how the home repairs required from pest
infestation damage can be more expensive than ongoing pest control
or that health threats related to pests can be an issue.

That's a powerful statistic. True, satisfactory experiences simply can't
be bought-the authenticity of a primary source that can speak to a
company's adequacy is invaluable to a marketing team.

Traditional media outreach is still a very successful way to build brand
awareness, yet it requires no cost. And small businesses have just the
characteristic that is likely to earn the media's interest: a hyper local
focus. Take ownership of a regionally specific pest-related subject. For
example, consider honing in on offering information and tips about
pests that are prominent in the community. Are stink bugs, for example,
a major issue? Or does the area have more of a rodent problem than
other surrounding communities? By targeting the issues specific to
the area, pest companies can offer news outlets content that will feel
relatable to their audience. In turn, their presence in the local media will
help raise visibility that can give way to new business leads. The only
expense required is taking the time to correspond with the appropriate media contacts.
These marketing ideas to bolster results can serve as your base for
building a marketing campaign. Sometimes less really can be more. Not
everyone is equipped with large budgets and learning to be resourceful
by taking basic practices and leveraging them to their fullest potential
can be a win for you. Small businesses can get by without all of the bells
and whistles that come with multi-million dollar companies. And, what's
more, you can excel. ●

Look for events in your area where you can leverage and garner face time
with potential customers. Even having one person regularly volunteer
for local charities and drives, or attend town hall meetings, without any
brand sponsorship can help raise a public profile. The idea is to network,
just as one would do at a professional event. Get to know community
members, chat with local homeowners and learn what issues matter
to them. Consider sharing uplifting community news on your social
channels to further amplify your profile. Then, tell your stories. The
more involved a company is with the community, the more it will be
recognized as a positive place of business and when pest control services
are needed it will more likely be called upon than an organization with
no personal ties to the area.







Why spend the time and resources crafting promotional content from
scratch when firsthand experiences can speak for themselves for free?
Current customers who have positive experiences are a great source
of cost-effective marketing. Ask them if they are open to serving as
a reference for prospective customers. Quote them in a testimonial
for the company's website. It's also wise to ask satisfied customers to
write a positive review online. According to, 77 percent of
people read online reviews before making a decision to buy something.






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