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from the team can go into that Slack channel,
check out that document and update it. So, it's
kind of a cool way to partner those technologies and make it faster to share information."
Of course, Slack is just one of many collaboration software options on the market. There's
also Fleep, Swipe, Trello, Workzone and Google
Hangouts, among others.


Most pest management companies use some
type of operational software to organize their
routes, improve workflow and manage the
overall business. Of course, not all pest control
software options are created equal.
Ewart works with a relatively new pest control software called Fieldwork, a Chicago-based
provider. "I've been able to work with them
pretty closely to hammer down a real paperless
experience," he says. By creating a paperless
workflow, Ewart says his company saves tons
of time and reduces the probability of mistakes.
"There are a lot of handoffs of information
during our workflow," he explains. In the past,
his office employees would create a record for
each new customer and email it to a salesperson, who often had to duplicate efforts and
add more information. This document would
be sent around numerous times, with various
employees adding, rewriting or changing information. "All that takes a bunch of time, and
there are always opportunities for error every
time you transition," he says. "What we've tried
to do is look at a paperless solution as really a

way to streamline it. Now, when the person in
the office takes down a customer's information,
that generates a lead that the salesperson uses.
As the salesperson generates the agreement,
they access the data that the office already put
in. So, they're not having to duplicate data entry
or rewrite anything. Then, all the customer service folks have to do is accept the agreement
and schedule those work orders."
The most effective pest control software
should eliminate unnecessary steps and simplify workflow. "It's really about improving
work processes and carving out the unnecessary stuff," Ewart adds. "That's the way that I try
to approach technology. I think it's important
that you start by looking at the processes and
then ask what technology would make this
better-rather than start with technology and
try to find a way to plug it in."


Not only does modern technology allow businesses to streamline their processes and work
more efficiently. In many cases, it also gives
companies the ability to reach a wider range
of customers-namely via online advertising
and marketing tools.
"We do a lot of pay-per-click advertising
because that's a tool we see clients using,"
Ewart explains. These days, many businesses
tap into pay-per-click (PPC), sometimes called
cost-per-click (CPC), to drive more traffic to their
website. Every time their ad is clicked, the business pays the website owner or a network of
websites (think Google) that is running the ad.

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However, Ewart stresses that PMPs should
use caution before launching a major PPC
campaign, particularly if you are an online
advertising rookie. "PPC advertising is pretty
expensive, and if you don't have good data on
it, you can spend a ton of money," he explains.
Ewart says his company uses a data tool
called HubSpot, an inbound marketing and
sales software. "HubSpot can do a gazillion
things from running marketing to tracking
performance on PPC campaigns," he says. "It's
somewhat complicated to use. So, if you don't
have any expertise, I wouldn't recommend you
use it because you'll end up spending a bunch
of money on it too. But finding a way to efficiently spend in those avenues is really critical."
If you're interested in running an online ad
campaign, but you're a PPC novice, you might
want to turn to the experts. There are countless digital marketing specialists and agencies who would be happy to spearhead your
PPC campaign.
"I think the technologies around advertising
are changing really quickly," Ewart adds. "So, if
marketing is one of the things you care about,
it's important to keep up with the marketing
technologies and trends." A digital agency can
help you do just that.
Not ready to dive into a full-fledged PPC
campaign? There are plenty of affordable,
easy-to-use marketing tools that could help
you stay top of mind with current customers. "For instance, there's MailChimp, where
you can just send email campaigns to your
clients and let them know what you're doing,"
Ewart says.
Of course, these are just a handful of the tech
tools available on the market-and new offerings are emerging every day. While you may be
tempted to purchase every cutting-edge technology that catches your eye, don't fall into that
"shiny objects" trap. Take time to carefully choose
the right tools for your business-and more
importantly, take note of what technologies your
current and prospective customers are using.
"I think there are some cool and inventive
things we can do on our side, but I still think
the more important part of technology to
pay attention to is on the buyer side," Ewart
says. "How do your buyers behave and what
technologies do they use? It's critical to pay
attention to how your clients use technology
and know where that's going. Today, if you're
still advertising in the phone book, you've
been left behind." ●

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