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Making a Difference


o you feel your
role in the pest
industry has played a part
in impacting lives? What
we do and who we are as
an industry serves a critical role in todays' society.
Whether you're working in the office or out
in the field, you are an important part of the
equation in NPMA's mission to protect public
health, food and property.
It is an exciting time in our industry! Thanks
in large part to the efforts of PPMA, the public's
view is moving away from a "do-it-yourself"
mentality to hiring a professional. There are new
pest problems, and the need for pest control
is on the rise-bedbugs, mosquito-borne illnesses, cockroach allergies and other issues are
increasing the public's awareness of what we
do, and they are choosing to call a professional
more and more. In addition, we are seen by
investors as a very desirable industry, which is
also leading more people to consider a career
in our industry.
As your new NPMA president, my primary
focus is impacting lives. The work we do as pest
management professionals extends beyond
the United States and truly makes a difference
across the globe. Earlier this summer, I had the
opportunity to attend the third Global Summit
of Pest Management Services in Portugal, and
was proud to see the international delegates
come together from around the world to
identify synergies between our associations
and find ways to work together on issues that
impact all our organizations.
Together, we can raise awareness among
the public, government and media about the
important role that the pest control industry

plays in protecting the public from pest health
threats around the world.
We protect our food supply-from grain
to train to store to table, America depends on
what we do to have healthy food on the table.
We protect health-providing safe backyards from mosquitoes and the diseases they
bring, to rats and the filth associated with
them, to cockroach allergens, to bedbugs and
the mental anguish associated with infestation.
We protect property from damage from
termites and other wood destroying insects, as
well as protecting a property's value by keeping it safe and pest-free.
We protect our customer's reputation-by
making sure facilities get high scores on all
inspections. This area is one of rapid growth,
as more and more inspection companies are
involved in our food supply chain. We protect
the reputations of our food service clients from
viral web postings of rats and cockroaches.
What you do is incredibly important, but
it is more than just about what you do-it's
also about who you are! We are involved in
our communities, our houses of worship and
our schools. We serve on boards, we volunteer in our communities, we donate services
and money to causes we believe in, we have
members who have served our country in the
past and the present as reservists. We even
have those who have served in public office.
I am excited for the year ahead as NPMA continues to expand its programs and resources
to support the membership. As an industry, I
am certain we will overcome challenges, take
advantage of opportunities and continue to
impact lives along the way.
Thank you so much for entrusting me as
your NPMA president. I hope to meet you all at
PestWorld this October in Orlando, Florida. ●

Important Note: NPMA has notified members about a so-called
credentialing association named "National Pest Maintenance
Professional Association" or "NPMPA." This scam organization is not
affiliated with the National Pest Management Association ("NPMA")
in any manner. For more information on this matter, please visit


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