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food donations for a local food bank. The event
is promoted via the company's Facebook page
and website, and technicians hand a brochure
describing the event to the customer at the
start of the visit. If customers have food to
donate, the technician collects it at the end of
the visit. In March 2017, the company not only
collected 450 pounds of food, but also donated
one dollar for every can of food collected-a
total of $500.
Loyal customers are important to all businesses, but what are the best ways to reach a
generation that lives online, relies on mobile
technology and shares on social media?
Before marketing to the millennial generation, be sure your company has processes in
place to make it easy for customers to reach
you, suggests Daniel Hill, service supervisor for
Dugas Pest Control. Convenience and accessibility are important, which means a company
must offer several ways to communicate.
"We make sure the phone is always answered
by a live person by using an answering service
after office hours, but we also provide chat boxes
on our website and Facebook messenger to talk
with our customers," explains Hill. Customer service representatives take turns monitoring chat
Facebook messenger, and after hours a message
informs the customer that a response will be sent
the following morning. Online communications,
along with texts, are an important part of providing service to millennials, he adds.
Pay close attention to your website, suggests Hall. "We have intentionally kept our
website simple, fresh and clean," she says.
Pointing to millennials' short attention span,
she says that the website should be easy to
navigate with a few clicks, and should be
mobile-friendly because most millennials, as
well as other generations, are viewing websites on mobile devices. "Offer features such
as requesting a quote or appointment through
your website so millennials can send a message late at night or when they are on the go,"
she recommends.
Once your company meets a millennial's
expectations for accessibility, convenience and
community involvement, keep these marketing tips in mind:
Limit spending on traditional
Television and print advertising should be
used to build brand awareness but not to
reach millennials, says Hall. "We use television to showcase the fact that we are local and


Each pest control company should know their
demographics and develop a plan for reaching
audiences based on their specific demographics."

family-owned, which helps to build our brand
long term," she says. "We do advertise in a
magazine distributed in a high-end neighborhood, but the results are not great."
Boost online marketing
Because online searches are a common way to
look for a service provider, be sure your website and other online pages are optimized for
search engines to increase the likelihood that
they will be on the first page or near the top
of the results page when "pest control" and a
location are entered.
"We also spend money on Google advertising to ensure our listing is seen," says Hall.
"My business partner and husband, Scott Hall,
works directly with our marketing agency to
change up key words on a monthly basis as the
season and pest management needs change."
The combination of pay-per-click advertising
and effective organic search results due to
search engine optimization of her website and
online pages is an effective way to reach millennials, she adds.

Enhance social media efforts
Social media-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
and YouTube-all provide an opportunity to
share targeted messages in an informal manner that fits with millennials' own personal
communications methods.
"The key is to keep your messages relatable,"
points out Hill. Pictures taken by technicians
on the job, photos of a customer's children or
pets, or an informative video about pests that
are problematic during a specific season not
only inform and educate people, but they also
humanize the company, he says.
One warning offered by Hill is not to try too
hard to be funny. "Clever memes that relate to
your business or your customers are fine, but
be sure they are timely and current."

Remember to use reviews
Millennials like to read reviews by customers
to help them decide which service provider
they want to use. Although they make their

own decision, the impact of online reviews is
similar to word-of-mouth recommendations-
they focus attention on the companies doing
a good job for their customers.
Eco Serve's recent review initiative-"Tip
Your Tech"-generated 35 new customer
reviews in a six-week period.
"Instead of our customer feeling obligated
or uncomfortable about tipping our technician,
we simply ask them to go online and share
their experience on Facebook, Better Business
Bureau, Yelp or Google," explains Hall. In return,
the company gives a $10 cash bonus at the end
of the month to technicians for each positive
review posted about them. "Customers have
noticed the great reviews online and called to
work with us and only us," she says. "We had
one technician that went home with a $150
bonus last month on top of his commissions.
He was elated...and so were we."
For every positive review, technicians
received $10. "We added 35 reviews to all sites
when we first ran the promotion." Although it
is hard to track new business directly back to
reviews, Hall says that she did see an increase
in revenue following the additional reviews.
Reward customers for referrals
Of course, the best new customers are those
who come to you after a current customer
has personally recommended your company,
so be prepared to thank your customer, says
Hall. For every referral, a customer receives
a handwritten thank you note and a $25 gift
card sent by mail.
Remember that millennials want a relationship and an enjoyable experience, so personalize the note and gift card, suggests Hall. "If
someone is moving into a new home, I send
a Target or Lowes gift card, and I personalize
the note as much as possible. No one receives
handwritten notes in the mail anymore, so this
approach sets us apart," she says. Not only does
the program encourage word-of-mouth referrals, but it cements the relationship between
the pest services provider and the customer-
making it an excellent experience.  ●


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