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infocus online connections CEMEX 'Job-Safe' Program Wins NRMCA 2013 Innovation in Training Award Bottom up and not top down made 'Job-Safe' a winning submission Lance Morgan, the CEMEX driver whose idea inspired the Job-Safe checklist and brochure. T his was no easy contest to judge. NRMCA companies from across the United States had submitted their best safety-related programs for NRMCA's annual Innovation in Training Award competition. In the end, a few stood out, with one standing above the others: CEMEX's Job-Safe Program. What made Job-Safe so special? NRMCA's Educational Activities Committee noted that a key component of CEMEX's program was that it was not sent from corporate, but rather "ascended" to the corporate level. In other words, bottom up and not top down made this a winning submission. "Job-Safe was created from a driver's idea and the company believed and supported him to share his message of job site safety for drivers and ultimately the contractor and OC6 ı SPRING 2014 community," the judges wrote. "A checklist and brochure was created to send to the construction site prior to the truck arriving. This would ensure all possible hazards would be avoided on the day of the pour. This brochure and concept can be replicated industry wide and it is truly innovative. Congratulations to Lance Morgan-the driver that was inspired to think outside the box-and the entire CEMEX team." Job-Safe resulted from an idea proposed by the Phoenix-based mixer truck driver, Morgan, whose initial proposal called for a dramatic new approach to improving driver safety. This approach included not only safety-standard recommendations, but also advanced planning with the customer prior to the delivery of product. Morgan noted that job sites are often filled with hazardous conditions and may be congested, cluttered, dark or may have uneven ground and poor access. Material suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, builders and the general public must all understand how those hazards impact job site safety. Though all play a role, most are unaware of just how their involvement, whether expected or not, affects safety on their project. Contractors, for example, are typically prepared to receive their concrete but not necessarily prepared for its delivery. In summarizing Morgan's proposal, CEMEX executives described Job-Safe as "a sensible approach to address these concerns, educate those who are directly or indirectly involved and create a cultural shift in thinking that ultimately ensures safe delivery of concrete to the job site." The summary then continued, "The program's mission is to develop a culture change through an elite partnership between ready mix producers, industry associations and the construction industry by focusing on job site safety. JobSafe will establish guidelines to assist with job site safety through education, awareness and communication." With hundreds of mixer drivers delivering loads throughout much of the United States, CEMEX is one of the country's largest ready mix producers. Senior level executives were quick to realize that Morgan's experience at job sites was far from unique. Too often mixer truck drivers were asked to enter sites that placed them in unsafe conditions, often without considering access to accommodate the dimensions and weight of the delivery trucks. In order to safely continue delivery efforts, it became apparent that CEMEX needed to take initiative and help contractors improve conditions at their projects in a way that will ultimately ensure job sites are free from potential hazards. Job-Safe prescribes a pre-planning process that includes a checklist of potential risk factors that the customer needs to consider in making sure the job site is ready for a safe delivery. Customers are provided a complete truck description that includes specific weights and measurements. All pre-planning meetings include detailed site conditions, assessments of driver access, potential debris dangers and maneuverability factors as they relate to grade level and required space for delivery equipment. A job site satisfaction questionnaire asks drivers to rate the importance of such areas as a clear and accessible point of entry; stable and level access ramps; a clear, uncluttered job site; a competent person or signaler to assist with job

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CEMEX ‘Job-Safe’ Program Wins NRMCA 2013 Innovation in Training Award

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