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MAKING A LEGISLATIVE IMPACT NRWA... Changing the Language in Washington, D.C. BY DAVID BAIRD, NRWA LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE CHAIR FOR OVER 30 YEARS, NRWA’s legislative success has been based on a grassroots approach that focuses on the ability of rural community representatives to tell their story, build relationships, and persuade their Congressmen and Senators to fund rural water initiatives that are important to rural America. While the basics of our grassroots approach have not changed over the years, the political climate of the day has influence the language used in conversations with our elected officials. Most of you will recall a few short years ago when “earmarks” were the focus of every congressional office visit. Although “earmarks” are still discussed on Capitol Hill, it just doesn’t have the fervor it once did. Today, “earmarks” have been taken over and replaced by terms such as “continuing resolution,” “fi scal cliff,” “sequestration,” and “debt ceiling” to name a few. Language on Capitol Hill means everything and it is almost guaranteed you will hear some, if not all, of these fiscal crisis terms during your congressional visits this year. Understanding the language used in the current political climate is important for a successful meeting with your elected officials, but it is equally, if not more, important to never lose sight of the basics of NRWA’s grassroots approach. NRWA’s grassroots agenda is a common and consistent message that is shared by over 27,000 rural water and wastewater systems throughout the nation to support funding for circuit riders, training and technical assistance, source water along with SRF and USDA loan and grant programs. It is rooted in the belief that rural communities are best served by providing training, certification and technical assistance to the water and wastewater professionals, managers and board First Quarter 2013 • 15

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The Election: What It Means For Rural Water and For Rural America
NRWA...Changing The Language In Washington, D.C.
Broad Support: Poll Finds That Americans Are Willing To Spend On Water Infrastructure
Let Your Voice Be Heard
New Year's Resolution: Stop Mailing Those CCRS and Appreciate The Power of an Association
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2013