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Board Orientation has Multiple Benefits BY BOB HARRIS, CAE THE PRIMARY PURPOSE of board orientation is the transmission of information to improve understanding and governance. Through select topics and documentation there are many secondary benefits. Volunteers say they dread the orientation, fearing that it wastes time, requires game playing, or rehashes old information. An orientation can be conducted in as little as 90 minutes - a small investment to promote improved understanding and governance. The following are items to remember during board orientation: * Protection for the board - The board should be aware that directors and officers liability insurance defends against a suit. Protection is supplemented by the doctrine of volunteer immunity, indemnification and the corporate structure. * Documentation - Directors must comply with the fiduciary principle of "duty of obedience." It requires they abide by the governing documents (articles, bylaws and policies). If a court were to ask a director, "Did you receive the governing documents," the minutes should affirm that they were officially distributed or accessible at orientation. * Form 990 - The IRS queries whether or not the board reviewed IRS Form 990 prior to submission; orientation is an opportunity to acquaint directors with the return. * Public records - Volunteers may think the organization's minutes, finances First Quarter 2014 * 17

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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2014