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Throwing My Loop... A New Perspective in Flow Balance BY MICHAEL JOHNSON WATERFLUX - You'll Never Look at Flowmeters the Same Way THE OLD FELLOW sat staring into the fire. Twenty years ago now it was. Seems like yesterday. I was failing miserably in this new career of mine, and had called him for help. Some friends knew of my troubles and they said, "Mr. Joe can help you. He will tell you how." Then they added, "He's rough and he's mean, and you won't be able to stay with him long - but the longer you can stay, the better you will do." And here I was sitting around a fire in his back yard listening to him. He told me how that night. Then, he said, "You won't have any 'balance' in your life for a year or so. You will have to be singleminded and focused on these things I've told you. So for a time, you won't have any balance. Later, you will have to get that back. Balance * Precise measurement, no moving parts, maintenancefree during its entire service life. * Unusual rectangular sensor shape eliminates need for upstream and downstream piping while greatly improving low flow performance. * RILSANĀ®-lined tube offers exceptional durability. * Available battery powered converter with 15 year battery life. Ideal flow solution where power is not available. * Shown with high performance IFC 100 converter. is important in everything." I had no idea what he was talking about. I was watching the golf channel the other day. "Imagine a line on the ground," said the instructor. "The line is running down your target line from back to front - the line is dead square under the arches of your feet. Imagine all your weight on the arches of your feet. Hit the ball with that thought. If you do that, you will have better balance. Balance is what helps you hit the ball straight." My friend, Bronc, came to see me back in the summer. Our mutual friends were scheduled to arrive the next day, so we spent our time before company came roping (naturally). After a few runs, he said, "You're roping well." I said, "I appreciate that, but I'm really not roping well at all. I'm sliding all over my horse, I'm catching KROHNE - Process instrumentation is our world. Email: Tel: 1-800-FLOWING 677071_Krohne.indd 1 First Quarter 2014 * 43 AM 18/01/14 3:09

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Board Orientation Has Multiple Benefits
The Nrwa Revolving Loan Fund
Rural Water Rally 2014
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Throwing My Loop
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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2014