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W From the CEO Your State and National Association WILL ROGERS, ONE of Oklahoma's most famous native sons, once offered the simplest formula for success. "If you want to be successful, it's just this simple: Know what you are doing, love what you are doing, and believe in what you are doing." This quote defines the people in the water and wastewater industry, especially those who make up and govern your state and national associations. The key word in the above title is "your." Associations are governed by their members and the dedicated people the membership elects to be their representative as a board member. Success in associations is achieved by a large membership doing small things; their efforts combining to create a result greater than any one individual could hope to achieve. This is never truer than in representing our industry in the legislative and regulatory process. Often, the Congress and agencies need to be reminded that rural and small community We, as state and national systems represent 92 percent of our nation's public water supplies (92 percent serve less associations, are only successful than 10,000 population and 60 percent of because of you: the individuals these are 150 connections or less). They have to be reminded that these rural and small sysrepresenting the 30,000 plus tems are the infrastructure that supports the water and wastewater utility production of our food supplies, generates our energy, fuels our transportation and provides members that make up the the natural resources needed for manufacRural Water association. turing. They have to be informed that public water supplies are protective of everyone's health, even those in major metropolitan areas. And, they also have to be enlightened that rural wastewater systems are the first line of defense in environmental protection. The leadership and representation of your industry is second to none. Rural Water's efforts have ensured that funding resources are available, that technical resources are offered through your state Rural Water 50 * First Quarter 2014 BY SAM WADE, NRWA CEO offices, and that regulations remain reasonable and affordable. As an example of these accomplishments, the ability to provide the Consumer Confidence Report electronically resulted in an estimated savings of $126 million annually for small systems. For those who were able to participate in the Rural Water Rally, thank you. Your presence means far more than anyone could express in writing. For those operations specialists and board member who could not make it, I ask you to make a contribution in a different way - visit your representative when they are in the district and simply say "thank you for the support of your Rural Water association." Success in these areas is simple, but it is not something that anyone can duplicate. We, as state and national associations, are only successful because of you; the individuals representing the 30,000 plus water and wastewater utility members that make up the Rural Water association. Thank you for knowing what you do, loving what you do, and believing in what you do.

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Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2014