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reGulatOrY regulatory t BY MIKe KeeGaN, Nrwa aNalYSt update The following are summaries Investment Initiative at the Department of recent articles covered on NRWA'S Washington, DC, homepage (www. For more information, or the original documents for any of these summaries, please visit the homepage. If you have a comment or position that you would like to be considered by the NRWA Regulatory Committee, please let us hear from you ( of Agriculture to help local and state governments access federal loan and grant programs to get more projects off the ground. The Administration also announced a new set of infrastructure tax proposals that will level the playing field for projects that combine public and private investment so that local and state governments can more easily work with the private sector to advance the public interest (The White House). NRWA Funding Levels For FY2016: The NRWA Legislative Committee convened last week to adopt funding level requests for this Congress. The funding requests will go before the NRWA Executive Committee for final approval (Committee adopted funding levels). New Study to Strengthen the Case for Waters of US Rule: EPA released the final version of a critical scientific report that underpins the Administration's proposal to increase the number of streams and wetlands getting automatic Clean Water Act protection. The report draws a direct line between streams and wetlands and larger downstream water bodies. EPA says the scientific literature clearly shows that wetlands and open waters in riparian areas and floodplains are physically, chemically and biologically integrated with rivers via functions that improve downstream water quality. NRWA Participates in DHS Cyber Protection Forum: The Department of Homeland Security sponsored a Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council (CIPAC) Malware Outreach Meeting to Senator Wicker (MS) and Heitkamp (ND) Press for Quick Senate Action on EPA Funding Reform Bill: The two Senators reintroduced S. 864, the bill to mandate that EPA follow Congressional intent in awarding technical assistance funding. The Senators have requested that all Senators interested in supporting the bill (by becoming an original co-sponsor) contact them. The Senators report that Senate environmental committee Chairman Inhofe will be quickly moving a package of environmental bills through the committee and they hope that the reintroduced version of S. 864 will be in that initial package. Please contact us with any questions or for assistance with your Senators' questions. White House Announces New Water Funding Initiative for USDA and EPA Focused on Private Equity: The White House released its 21st-century infrastructure plan to bring private sector capital and expertise to bear on improving our nation's water supplies. The Administration is launching a new Water Finance Center at the Environmental Protection Agency and highlighting the progress of the Rural Opportunity brief critical infrastructure representatives of recent malware vulnerabilities and for DHS to obtain private sector perspectives and recommendations for potential outreach activities. DHS has been responding to sophisticated cyber-exploitation campaigns against U.S. critical infrastructure Industrial Control Systems (ICSs). These campaigns have involved two different rural water 43

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From The President By Charles Hilton, NRWA President
Putting the Power of Association to Work By Fiona Soltes
The Team Myth By Gerry Sandusky
The Power of the WaterPro Community By NRWA Staff
Rural Water’s Impact in Washington, DC By NRWA Staff
Save Money, Protect Your System and Keep Your Customers Happy
Joining their Voices: Rural Water Rally
The 16th Annual Great American Water Taste Test
Cloud Seeding: A New Take on an Old Idea By Sandy Smith
How the Cloud is Revolutionizing the Future of Water Utility Management By Kristie Anderson
Regulatory Update By Mike Keegan, NRWA Analyst
Throwing My Loop By Michael Johnson
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From the Ceo By Sam Wade, NRWA CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2015