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tHrOwING MY lOOP... a Positive life n BY MICHael JOHNSON Now there is something worth living, and worth fighting for - a positive life. We are often not aware of the value we receive if we work toward that noble thing. As a young person, I was lost. Had no idea where I was and didn't question any statement about my lack of ability made by others. But what else could they think about me? When they looked at me, all they saw was someone who failed. And why did I fail? Who knows - maybe because I lacked intelligence or maybe because I was lazy. What did it matter to those in the world around me? All they saw - all they had to judge my worth by - was what I showed them. And I showed them nothing. Then something happened. A young bull rider who traveled with us on occasion suddenly began to do better. Much better. We asked him why. His answer surprised us all. He said he read a book. '' But wHat IF I MaDe a DIFFereNt Set OF CHOICeS? wHat IF I GaVe MYSelF a CHaNCe? 46 FIrSt Quarter 2015 "A book about bull riding?" we asked. We knew of no such thing. "No," he said. "I read a book about not defeating myself." And that chance remark by future world champion, Gary Laffew, changed my life. I read the book, too. The book was called "Psycho-Cybernetics." The author, Maxwell Maltz, an American cosmetic surgeon, had a wealth of experiences with patients and their reconstructive surgeries. He came to believe while looking our best on the outside is important, our internal view of our self - or "self-image" - may be more so, and a fertile key to higher life satisfaction. The book is full of studies that cause the reader

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From The President By Charles Hilton, NRWA President
Putting the Power of Association to Work By Fiona Soltes
The Team Myth By Gerry Sandusky
The Power of the WaterPro Community By NRWA Staff
Rural Water’s Impact in Washington, DC By NRWA Staff
Save Money, Protect Your System and Keep Your Customers Happy
Joining their Voices: Rural Water Rally
The 16th Annual Great American Water Taste Test
Cloud Seeding: A New Take on an Old Idea By Sandy Smith
How the Cloud is Revolutionizing the Future of Water Utility Management By Kristie Anderson
Regulatory Update By Mike Keegan, NRWA Analyst
Throwing My Loop By Michael Johnson
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From the Ceo By Sam Wade, NRWA CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2015