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REGULATORY t REGULATORY UPDATE The following are summaries of recent articles covered on NRWA'S Washington, D.C., homepage (www. For more information, or the original documents for any of these summaries, please visit the homepage. If you have a comment or position that you would like to be considered by the NRWA Regulatory Committee, please let us hear from you by emailing Mike Keegan at New report links West Virginia chemical spill to water privatization: BY MIKE KEEGAN, NRWA ANALYST The Civil Society Institute/Boston Action Research concluded that West Virginia American Water (WVAW), a subsidiary of the American Water Company, was unprepared for the Jan. 9, 2014, drinking water contamination event because the company spent too much of its resources on "dividend payments" to investors that could "otherwise be invested in the system." The authors conclude that customer experience with West Virginia American Water is similar to the experience of other American Water Company customers around the country and that the inadequate and widely criticized operations of private water companies globally have fomented a movement to remunicipalize privatized water utilities. Fighting fires in rural areas more challenging: Issues highlighted by the recent fire in rural Missouri. "Drop tanks were used. This is the system that is used in rural areas. The reason is because there are no fire hydrants in rural areas. [Designers] did not want fire hydrants RURAL WATER 41

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2016

Strategic Planning for Water Utilities
Planning for Drought
A Rally to Remember
The 17th Annual Great American Water Taste Test
USDA Rural Development Has Loans
Rural Water Association of Utah Launches Successful Training Program
Vermont Rural Water Association Continues Training; Plans More for 2016
From the President
Finance: Investing Without Borders
Emergency Management: Decontamination Strategy for the Water Sector
A Day in the Life of a Circuit Rider: Dell R. Harris, Kentucky Rural Water Association
Case Study: Bubble Diffusers
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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From The CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 1, 2016