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BUILDING CAPACITY AND SUSTAINABILITY Energy Efficiency t BY LONNIE RUSSELL, ENERGY EFFICIENCY TECHNICIAN, SOUTH CAROLINA RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION The single most important step in lowering your energy costs is knowing how much energy you currently use. I almost never see a facility that has the energy usage data readily available. Usually this data is controlled by an administrator or clerk that has little if any understanding of what can affect this utility bill. What gets measured gets improved. During audits of different types of facilities, I have actually found bills, that were being paid that were for the wrong company! If the bills were reviewed by the people who are operating the equipment, this would never happen. I know what you are thinking; how do I have time to look at bills every month? It is now much easier than you think. An online account should be set up (this is free and extremely useful) so this data is readily available without the 16 SECOND QUARTER 2015 101 drudgery of manually loading it into a spreadsheet. Some utility companies have this data in small intervals, down to 15 minutes. Just a few years ago this was very expensive. With this, you can find out exactly what your equipment uses. The charts should be posted monthly where department personnel can see it and the data should be discussed once a month. Once people see what normal is, they can see progress being made or if any issues are arising that they may not be aware of. This is critical in getting buy-in on energy usage reduction efforts. Below is an example of an online account. This information is readily available and can be manipulated in many ways.

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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2015