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TECHNOLOGY UPDATE Cyber Threats Not Limited to Large Retailers and Health Insurers Protect business from financial burden of breach with preparation BY SHERYL JACKSON 22 SECOND QUARTER 2015 o Over 56 million credit and debit card records were affected in the 2015 Home Depot data breach and more than 78 million records that included social security numbers along with other personal and financial information were compromised in the Anthem Health Insurance breach. While these incidents garnered headlines throughout the country, the reality is that smaller, less publicized breaches occur more often than most people realize. In fact, a Southern California water and sewer department's dishonest employee accessed information and stole the identities of two individuals; a laptop stolen from a North Carolina water department contained names and social security numbers; and a contractor working for a water and sewer commission in Massachusetts misplaced a hard drive containing customer information, including credit card information. The threat of data security breaches is also not limited to online data - just ask the 26 people in Connecticut whose names and social security numbers were found on water department documents scattered by the Quinnipiac River.

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Technology Update: Cyber Threats Not Limited to Large Retailers and Health Insurers
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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2015