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REGULATORY REGULATORY UPDATE t The following are summaries of recent articles covered on NRWA'S Washington, DC, homepage (www. For more information, or the original documents for any of these summaries, please visit the homepage. If you have a comment or position that you would like to be considered by the NRWA Regulatory Committee, please let us hear from you ( NRWA in talks with key Senators over mailing relief for DBPs violations: During the Washington Rally, a number of Senators expressed interest in helping advance relief for small and rural communities from burdensome federally mandated reporting requirements from the Tier II Public Notice Regulations for Quarterly Violations under the EPA Stage II Disinfection Byproducts Rules. NRWA is currently discussing possible avenues for relief. BY MIKE KEEGAN, NRWA ANALYST NRWA making the LCR better: Water utility associations, including NRWA, are currently pressing for relief on the EPA committee negotiating revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule. One proposal before the committee would separate copper from the rule and make compliance with the copper standard a function of water chemistry versus in-home testing. LCR in-home monitoring relief opposed: NRWA's negotiator (John Sasur, Mass RWA) on the EPA panel recommending modifications to the current LCR rule reports that environmentalists on the panel are pushing back on NRWA's proposal to eliminate the rule's requirement for in-home testing by the consumer. EPA has appointed four environmental community members on the negotiating panel and one representative of small communities. An additional concern is that the members of the environmental community don't RURAL WATER 37

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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2015