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THROWING MY LOOP Where Do l You Live? BY MICHAEL JOHNSON Like most people in small towns do, I go to an early breakfast in the mornings. At the local coffee shop, you can learn all the news there is to know. You can ask the old cowboys anything about everything. The only thing you can't do is tell them anything. I've done that all my life. I went to breakfast with my daddy when I was a boy, and I enjoyed the times we had. As a small child, I sat by my father and listened as the men talked about horses, who roped well last weekend and why, and the price of cattle. I listened to them talk about the droughts in their lives and the hardships they lived through. I heard jokes I wasn't supposed to hear and I heard stories about the depression, and on rare occasions, about the war - though they didn't say much about the war. When I asked my daddy why they didn't tell more war stories, he said, "Too many memories, I guess." Even at that young age, I knew not to speak of that again. Most of the time though, there was laughter back '' then. My dad and I always seemed to be in a good mood when we left. Lately, when I go to breakfast, that feeling is slipping away. I've noticed the topics and conversation tend to drift in different directions these days. There's less laughter now. Continued on page 42 LIKE MOST PEOPLE IN SMALL TOWNS DO, I GO TO AN EARLY BREAKFAST IN THE MORNINGS. AT THE LOCAL COFFEE SHOP, YOU CAN LEARN ALL THE NEWS THERE IS TO KNOW. 40 SECOND QUARTER 2015

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From The President
State Specialists Lead Efforts to Protect Community Drinking Water
Energy Efficiency 101
Assisting Utilities through Sustainable Management Initiative
Technology Update: Cyber Threats Not Limited to Large Retailers and Health Insurers
Making Connections
The Rural Water Loan Fund
USDA Rural Development
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2015