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FROM THE CEO i Hook Up! By Sam Wade, NRWA CEO '' In 1930, Walter S. Gifford, the President of AT&T stated, "Today, practically anybody, anywhere, can talk at any time of the day or night with anybody, anywhere else." Today, in 2015, that statement is enhanced with our advanced technologies that even Mr. Gifford could not have dreamed of! NRWA and your state association have created the "WaterPro Online Community ( to connect people in the water and wastewater industry with each other, provide access to field expertise, experiences and resources, as well as promote the value of water and wastewater services. This community allows seasoned personnel to mentor and provide needed advice and information to new personnel entering the industry. For example, if a new system operations specialist has a question regarding a process, product or procedure, just ask the question in the operational forum and receive advice from across the country. Need to know the experiences someone has had with a certain piece of equipment? Just post the question and receive real field experiences and opinions. The various operational, governance and finance forums are supplemented with regulatory updates, interviews with key agency people who impact our industry, congressional updates and educational material through various sources and state rural water associations. Essentially, anyone, anywhere can log on and share or obtain information from "anybody at any time of the day or night with anybody anywhere else." We invite you to log on. Connect with your peers and take your career to a whole new level. ‚óŹ ESSENTIALLY, ANYONE, ANYWHERE CAN LOG ON AND SHARE OR OBTAIN INFORMATION FROM "ANYBODY AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT WITH ANYBODY ANYWHERE ELSE." RURAL WATER 49

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From The President
State Specialists Lead Efforts to Protect Community Drinking Water
Energy Efficiency 101
Assisting Utilities through Sustainable Management Initiative
Technology Update: Cyber Threats Not Limited to Large Retailers and Health Insurers
Making Connections
The Rural Water Loan Fund
USDA Rural Development
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2015