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waterPrO a the waterPro Online Community Connecting the water industry A utility manager stares at the computer monitor in his small utility office. There's a stapled packet of receipts and purchase orders for a newly-purchased pump on one corner of the desk. On the other: a stack of wastewater logs and TMDL documents printed from the EPA website. Across the country, a wastewater superintendent is searching for pricing information on a new pump. On the corner of the desk sits a stack of reports that detail how a few procedure changes helped them meet new TMDL regulations. In the past, these water professionals might only meet by chance at a national conference, if they ever met at all. A simple meeting could unlock valuable knowledge and experience in their overlapping areas of interest. Today though, the WaterPro Community gives these professionals a chance to network online, to ask questions and exchange experiences for the benefit of their utilities. "Today's world is an online world," explained NRWA CEO Sam Wade. "Professional networking is no longer limited by time or geography: the internet allows water professionals from all over the world to share their valuable knowledge and experience." WaterPro Community forums provide more than a simple question and answer session or a quick networking session. These discussions collect into persistent, 44 SeCOND Quarter 2016 categorized and searchable institutional knowledge - a question need only be answered one time for all members. These forums have the power to put the knowledge and experience of lifelong water professionals at each member's fingertips. "The forums are a powerful tool, but they are just one of the WaterPro Community's many features," Wade said. The power of the WaterPro community is that it combines the power of several, common web tools into a single, easyto-navigate platform. These tools include forums, blogs, file libraries, wikis and networking tools. The community platform gives members one login to access the full array of tools. Additionally, it adds a layer of search and tag functionality that makes finding information easier than ever. A simple search for "arsenic," for example, could yield blog posts on new arsenic regulation and new remediation technology, forum discussions about systems' experience dealing with arsenic, sample presentations on how to deal with arsenic, and links to webinars on arsenic reduction. The WaterPro Community blogs will focus on regular updates on industry issues ranging from technical operations to regulations and compliance. Expert authors share regular news links, insight, and analysis on various industry topics. Various subscription options ensure members are always up-to-date on the latest news in their favorite topic area. WaterPro Conference blogs also have commenting options that allow members to continue the discussion, to ask questions, and to increase learning. "Our industry is changing rapidly, and the pace is only going to accelerate," Wade said. "These community blogs will help keep members abreast of all changes in process, technology and regulation." File libraries are a community warehouse of documents, files, videos and presentations. They can include everything from training presentations to official documents. The file libraries will grow dependent on the interest from the members, but could include utility documents, including sample work orders and job descriptions or a sample boil order notice. A WaterPro Community membership also includes a free NRWA membership, which provides access to other benefits and discounts. The primary benefit is that NRWA members are helping support national's efforts to support continued utility funding, sensible regulations and protection of water resources. NRWA members also receive special discounts on NRWA events, webinar events and other vendor deals. This membership also includes a free subscription to Rural Water magazine, and access to special interviews with decision makers in the water industry. "The WaterPro Community is a unique opportunity to advance the industry and unlock the collective knowledge and expertise of the water industry," Wade said. ‚óŹ

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From the President
Careers in Rural Water
Water University
Credential from Water U Helps Land the Job
Lessons in Water
Finance: Tracking Down Non-Revenue Water
Technology: GIS and the 5 Ws
Emergency Management: Drought to Flood: Oklahoma
A Day in the Life of a Circuit Rider
Four Key Benefits to Incorporating Cellular Technology into Your Utility Management System
The WaterPro Online Community
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2016