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FrOM tHe CeO i BY SaM waDe, Nrwa CeO elections and Your association It is another presidential election year, and a call to action for your association. This is not a call to be involved in who is elected, but a call to make sure that new members of Congress and new agency heads understand Rural Water. We must ensure leaders at the state and federal levels know the issues, concerns and the value of tHe POwer OF aSSOCIatION IS ItS MeMBerS. It IS tHeIr INvOlveMeNt IN wOrKING tOwarD a COMMON GOal. we aSK tHat eaCH MeMBer utIlItY aND StaFF MaKe It a POINt tO CONNeCt wItH YOur rePreSeNtatIve IN PerSON, BY PHONe Or BY e-MaIl. '' '' your utility. There is one basic fact: regardless of their political preference, everyone drinks water and everyone uses the nation's wastewater systems. Whether we like it or not, politics impacts our industry each and every day. It is critical we educate new officials in the legislative arena, both in our states and in Washington, D.C. As utilities and associations, we cannot afford to assume they know what they are doing nor assume they know what we are doing. Your association's efforts are ongoing. This process begins with the Rural Water Rally each February, with approximately 400 people visiting their representatives to promote resources for the rural and small system. Many fail to understand that 55 percent of the 51,356 community water supplies listed in the EPA 2011 inventory serve 500 or fewer population, 27 percent serve between 401 and 3,300, 10 percent serve between 3,301 and 10,000 population and only 7 percent serve over 10,000 population. Yet these systems, lacking the economies of scale, are required to comply with standards established by the affordability of large metropolitan systems. The power of association is its members. It is their involvement in working toward a common goal. We ask that each member utility and staff make it a point to connect with your representative in person, by phone or by e-mail. Simply tell them about your system, the challenges you face as a small system and the importance of training and technical assistance. Close with: "Thank you for your support of Rural Water's request." Will Rogers once said: "Even though you are on the right track - you will get run over if you just sit there." Support your association. Speak up for your utility, your industry and your profession. Be a squeaky wheel. The old adage of "The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease" is true in politics. ‚óŹ rural water 57

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From the President
Careers in Rural Water
Water University
Credential from Water U Helps Land the Job
Lessons in Water
Finance: Tracking Down Non-Revenue Water
Technology: GIS and the 5 Ws
Emergency Management: Drought to Flood: Oklahoma
A Day in the Life of a Circuit Rider
Four Key Benefits to Incorporating Cellular Technology into Your Utility Management System
The WaterPro Online Community
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 2, 2016