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FrOM the PreSIDent Slide rules and water Pipes i By Charles hilton, nrwa President I begin these thoughts continued on page 48 '' '' by apologizing, especially to our younger readers. As I age, I find myself in the reminiscing mode far more than I probably should. While thinking about the theme of this quarter's issue - Technology and Innovation - I can only sit back and think about where I have been in this industry and where I sit today. I am sitting at a computer with 10 times (or maybe 100 or even 1,000 times) the processing power of the computers that controlled the space shuttle. I am looking at my iPhone that actually has more processing power than that same shuttle. I own an iPad™, iPhone™, Kindle™, and notebook so that I am connected wherever I go. My internet connection here at work is considered slow - only 6 mbps - but yet I remember what is seemingly a short time ago, I was using a 14.4K modem to connect and then miracle of miracles, I purchased a 56K modem. What a change I have seen just in the 28 years here at Breezy Hill Water & Sewer. I witnessed the first year a calculator was used in a college classroom setting at the college I was attending. I was a senior organic chemistry major in September 1973 when a student walked into a physical chemistry course and asked the professor if he could use his newly purchased calculator. It has been too many years to remember what calculator he had, but I remember distinctly the professor's reply, "You cannot use the calculator for exams as it would be unfair to the remainder of the students still using slip sticks, (i.e., slide rules)." We all Our YOunger eMPlOYeeS are MOre teChnOlOgY SaVVY than we haVe eVer DreaMeD OF BeIng anD that IS wIth theM COMIng Out OF hIgh SChOOl. are we lIStenIng tO theM when theY COMe BaCk FrOM traInIng, SeMInarS anD COnFerenCeS, Or are we SaYIng we DOn't neeD that BeCauSe the OlD waY haS alwaYS wOrkeD? rural water 11

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From the President
Innovations for Every Utility
What’s Ahead for Water Technology?
Is Your Utility Prepared to Fight Misinformation on Social Media?
Variable Frequency Drives
Available EPA Tools and Resources for Small and Rural Utilities
Rural Water Assists Mount Zion with Water Loss, Finances
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2015