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thrOwIng MY lOOP the lost Sheep BY MIChael JOhnSOn It always fascinated me - that story about the lost sheep. Remember now, I'm not a religious nut. I'm not even very high up...after all, Sherry and I are just Methodists. But the other day, the story came home. I loved that story when I was young - and it confused me. I remember at age 10 or 11 asking my mother about it. "I don't understand this," I said. "Would daddy and all the men leave the herd to find the one?" "It's a story about God's love for us," she said. "He loves us as much as all the rest - and yes, your daddy and uncles would look for the one until they found it. We're all like that. That's in all of us." Sherry was gone to see the grandkids in Colorado. Rowdy and I were batchin' and cooking, and after feeding the roping steers, we relaxed on the porch before dinner. Twenty minutes later, the steers were lying peacefully, horses munching grass...and a biological miracle occurred. '' I SaID, "there IS nO MOre JOY In heaVen than when the lOSt SheeP IS FOunD," anD I POInteD tO the PaSture. when She Saw hIM BY hIS MOther, She lOSt It. rural water 43

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From the President
Innovations for Every Utility
What’s Ahead for Water Technology?
Is Your Utility Prepared to Fight Misinformation on Social Media?
Variable Frequency Drives
Available EPA Tools and Resources for Small and Rural Utilities
Rural Water Assists Mount Zion with Water Loss, Finances
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2015