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FrOM the CeO w It's a no Brainer What if your system '' could get repaid for water loss? What if your customers could be protected from financial loss? What if your system has a data breach? For the first two questions the typical response is: "Sign me up; that's a no-brainer." For the third question the typical answer is: "I don't know." The National Rural Water Association has implemented two new programs, offered exclusively through NRWA and its state affiliates, that protect systems and customers from financial loss. The first is in response to loss of revenue due to service line breaks and leaks. Surveys indicate that 50% of systems have water loss forgiveness policies. Those systems believe they are doing the customer a service but the reality is that loss equates to lost revenue and the entire customer base is paying for it. The customer, even with forgiveness, in most cases still suffers financial loss in the event of a break. To protect systems and customers from financial loss, NRWA adopted an Affinity Partnership with SunBelt Insurance Group to provide a water loss insurance policy to the system. This policy is customized at the system level to meet the needs of the individual systems that is affordable. Take a serious look at this new product and perhaps you will agree, "it's a no brainer." Since many systems do not know the answer regarding the third question, they have a tremendous financial and public relations liability on their hands. In today's age of technology, protection against financial loss from a data breach is just as essential as fire protection. Does your system have employees, keep employed records, run credit checks, acquire social security numbers, acquire driver's license numbers, or offer credit card payment options? If your answer is yes, then you need to be protected from the expenses associated with a data breach. The reality is that if major corporations such as Target and others can be breached, then our water system's security software does little to protect employee and customer data. If there is a breach, the system suffers the expense of notification, credit monitoring for customers, and is open to law suits. To make this protection available at an affordable price, NRWA entered into an Affinity Partnership with Bailey Special Risk to provide not only protection, but assistance in response to a breach. Like fire protection, hopefully your system never has to use this product, but considering 932.7 million records have been breached since 2005 and the kid down the street can have the same skills as some major crime syndicates, it is advisable to take precautionary measures to insure against large financial loss, whether it's fire, property liability or a data breach. Contact your state rural water association or: Sunbelt Insurance, 1-800-589-9876 or Bailey Special Risk, 1-800-7678-7475. P.S.: Check out another NRWA affinity partner: Rural Water Impact - The Website People - at● '' By Sam wade, nrwa CeO the natIOnal rural water aSSOCIatIOn haS IMPleMenteD twO new PrOgraMS, OFFereD exCluSIVelY thrOugh nrwa anD ItS State aFFIlIateS, that PrOteCt SYSteMS anD CuStOMerS FrOM FInanCIal lOSS. rural water 49

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Rural Water - Quarter 3, 2015