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Why I Rally! BY THE NRWA WASHINGTON STAFF LOU HOLTZ ONCE said "Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it." For 38 years, this organization, the National Rural Water Association, with our members and friends, has responded to the needs of rural America. This grassroots effort has been extremely successful. Successful in securing millions in federal funding for water and wastewater construction, establishing rural policy, preserving our water sources, protecting our environment, enhancing the quality of life and creating a robust business environment. You are the voice for rural America's water needs. Many of you have testified before Congress on important funding and policy issues. You have always stood up and responded to your community's needs. We need you once again at our Water Rally next February in Washington, D.C. In this era of what seems to be unlimited corporative and private money to support political campaigns, policy and legislative priorities, our only tool to compete in this environment is a large and vocal grassroots campaign. We would argue that the key ingredient to this success is you, your colleagues, friends and family. And yes, it is important that you, each one of you that are able, show up in Washington and meet with your elected representatives and allow them to do their work in Washington... 40 * Fourth Quarter 2014 and that is representing you, your family and community's needs. You are the experts and practitioners in the field; you are more knowledgeable on water issues that affect rural America than 99.99 percent of the rest of the country. That is why lawmakers respect you, listen to you and call you when they need assistance for their constituents, respond to a disaster or get advice and counsel on legislation. We have waded through many uncertain times, times when funding for small and rural systems was slated to be eliminated or drastically reduced by Congress or within the President's budget request, and each time you stepped up and told your story and that is what has made the difference. We can't compete with corporate or wealthy donors, but we can compete back home, in the small towns, city halls, farm communities, small businesses and with other interested parties that have a stake in this effort. With every election there are new challenges and uncertainties. This February we will once again have new members of Congress, new staff and committee assignments to address. A few years ago many newly elected members wanted to eliminate or drastically reduce funding that provided direct benefits to your communities. Some new members of Congress wouldn't even entertain a discussion on any federal funding through USDA or EPA that would benefit rural America. Now, many of these same members are some of our strongest supporters. They now recognize the value of your work and efforts in your communities. They respect your dedication, work ethic and leadership. This is the richest nation is the world and we should not be talking about lowering the investments and assistance to sustain or increase water quality in this nation. What we receive in rural America is a minute fraction of the $1 trillion budget Congress is working under. As the President of the National Rural Water Association, Doug Anderton has stated many times in the past "all programs and initiatives are not equal....and we can match our work and the small federal investment and huge returns with any other program or initiative." You make it possible to ensure rural America is not lost in the debate. We also want to personally thank the folks who come to Washington year after year, especially when you consider that two of the last five years have had some serious heavy snow events that caused many problems. We are sorry if any of you were inconvenienced. We were successful because you still came when others chose not to. We have our Rally in February because Congress, and specifically the Appropriation Committees, begins their work in February. Many Appropriation request deadlines last year began in late March and early April. We need a seat at the table at the very beginning of this long and complicated process. That is the best strategy to ensure that our priorities will be in any final product. We know you want what is best for rural America, even with the hardships and barriers that you must address in your daily lives. We respectfully ask for your help again to ensure we have a large turnout at the Water Rally this February. It is our hope that you will be able to come and stand up for rural America once again and the National Rural Water Association will be honored to stand with you on this journey.

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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2014