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O From the CEO Voice and Your Vote are Powerful Tools ONE OF THE benefits of being part of a nationwide organization with programs that reach every congressional district of every state is the power of legislative representation. The Rural Water Rally is an important event that opens National Rural Water's representation efforts for that year. Taking place each year in Washington D.C., the Rural Water Rally connects legislative decision makers and their staff with their Rural Water constituents early in the legislative process. BY SAM WADE, NRWA CEO This Rally is where every system and all system personnel can play a major role in supporting the Rural Water profession. Rural Water has achieved an exceptional record of legislative success because of the participation of individuals, telling their story of how Rural Water has impacted their life. "All politics is local." According to Wikipedia, this common phrase "is most closely associated with former Speaker of the U.S. House Tip O'Neill. This simple phrase encapsulates the principle that a politician's success is directly tied to the person's ability to understand and influence the issues of their constituents. Politicians must appeal to the everyday concerns of those who elect them into office. Those personal issues, rather than big and intangible ideas, are often what voters care most about." The Rural Water Rally is the catalyst to get the Rural Water message across. That message is the need for affordable infrastructure funding through the Rural Utilities Service and the State Revolving Loan Fund along with training and assistance in meeting the ever-increasing demands of regulations on limited staff and resources. Success at Rally is critical because it is strategically scheduled very early in the process - the work done during Rally lays the foundation for legislative efforts throughout the year. How can one employee at a Rural Water system make a difference in this national effort? Through the power of association. Like the many strands of a rope, each individual voice adds strength to the message. Your participation lends strength and credibility to the leaders of your state association. One of the numerous ways an individual can support his or her state association's legislative efforts is to attend the Rural Water Rally. Contact your state association office and volunteer to support the effort in person. Remember, you are the local in "all politics is local" - your voice and your vote are powerful tools in supporting the Rural Water message. Those unable to tell their story in person can work with their state association to write a letter detailing the impact Rural Water has had and your support for Rural Water's efforts. This letter can be sent to your elected Representative or be carried into meetings by your state association where they can use it as a sign of local support. Your state association can also help you share the Rural Water message through a phone call to your Representative, a town hall meeting, or by contacting a congressional district office. Invite your elected officials and their staff to tour your system so they can see the challenges you face and the impact you have on your community. Your association has been successful over the years ensuring continued affordable funding, resources and reasonable, practical and affordable regulatory relief to include electronic submission of the Consumer Confidence Report rather than printing. Today, the political world is focused on large intangible issues and your voice is needed to bring the local issue forward. There is too much at stake to say, "someone else will take care of that." Will you make the call? Send the e-mail? Attend the meeting? Help your state association deliver the message? NEWS ALERT: Politicians, regardless of party, drink water! 60 * Fourth Quarter 2014

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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2014