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PuBlIC relatIONS aND MarketING New affinity Partner takes the Pain Out of Having a website for your town or water System A good website can save you significant time and money-and now and make it easier than ever. d BY SHellY HOwaY "Do we REALLY need a website?" When you hear that question, you might shake your head and think to yourself, "We don't need a website." "Most of our customers wouldn't know how to use it." "Websites are too expensive and too difficult to set up." "I wouldn't know where to start." Well, if that IS what you're thinking, you might want to think again. Internet use is growing - FAST! Today, over 80% of U.S. households have Internet service, and broadband is continually expanding to rural areas. At least 85% of all Internet users shop, bank, and/or pay their bills online, and customers, even in the most rural areas, have come to 26 FOurtH Quarter 2015 expect these conveniences. This doesn't even take into account the widespread adoption of smart phones that are Internet connected. On top of that, the age demographic that is growing the fastest in computer literacy is between the ages of 50 and 75. Of course, younger generations tend to be technically proficient, but now their grandparents are getting on board as well. Even my 89-year-old neighbor now likes to check her Facebook page on her iPad. So, you might be wondering: "Could I just set up a Facebook or Twitter page for my business rather than a website?" Well, it's true that Facebook or Twitter can be excellent tools to get news and messages out to your residents. However, not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter, and even if they are there's no guarantee they'll see the information that you post there. So you still need a place where your customers can easily access forms and reports, rates and policies, FAQs, bill payment options and other important information.

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Who’s Telling Your Story?
Communications 101
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New Affinity Partner Takes the Pain Out of Having a Website for your Town or Water System
You Own Your Dreams
Another Successful WaterPro Conference
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Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2015