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FrOM tHe CeO p BY SaM waDe, Nrwa CeO advertising Made Me President Ulysses Grant once said to P.T. Barnum, the famous circus owner and showman: "You are better known than I am." "Advertising made me," Mr. Barnum replied. With today's omnipresent media, it's not just about the quality of your product, it's the image you advertise. The image a utility advertises can impact its standing and the level of support it receives from its customers. Perceptions are reality. Managing those perceptions and controlling the image we advertise are critical in promoting the water industry. Your association is committed to supporting a positive image within our industry but individuals are the only ones that can make that happen. What can each of us do? 1. Change the perception of the industry with a simple change of terminology. Switch the position from an Operator, which is defined as task orientated, to Operations Specialist which projects the skills, knowledge and expertise of the position. 2. Enhance our networks of knowledge and support. Join the WaterPro Community to network with expertise around the nation. Check it out at 3. Embrace technology. A user-friendly, professional website can be affordable for even the smallest of systems. Check out our affinity partner, Rural Water Impact and Municipal Impact, at 4. Project the quality of the product you produce with the Quality on Tap program. These programs include logos such as "Quality on Tap - Our Commitment - Our Profession" for drinking water, and "Protecting Our Environment - Our Commitment - Our Profession" for wastewater. These decals and information are available from your state association or www. Advertising opportunities are available in everything we do every day. It can create a positive or a negative image depending on events and individual actions. We encourage you to take those small steps and let your individual advertising and action make our industry to be perceived for what it is: Quality on Tap, Our Commitment, Our Profession. ● rural water 49

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From the President
Who’s Telling Your Story?
Communications 101
Quality on Tap!
New Affinity Partner Takes the Pain Out of Having a Website for your Town or Water System
You Own Your Dreams
Another Successful WaterPro Conference
Regulatory Update
Throwing My Loop
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From the CEO

Rural Water - Quarter 4, 2015