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Business Feature The Outdoor Room Boom by Scott Cohen THE BIGGEST TREND in home improvement is the breaking up of backyard space into different outdoor rooms. I call it the "Outdoor Room Boom." It's not just about the pool and spa anymore, because the trend now is for homeowners to ask their designers and contractors to help them divide the backyard into distinctly different outdoor spaces. lients today want outdoor living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, in addition to their pool decks. The pool and spa industry can capitalize on this growing trend by learning more about concrete patio sizing, flooring finishes, flow through the yard, patio covers, barbecue counter construction and the client's entertaining needs. C OUTDOOR KITCHEN TAKES THE SPOTLIGHT The Green Scene Landscaping and Pools designs and creates many different types of outdoors rooms, but the outdoor kitchen is stealing the show. People have always congregated around food and drink, and the outdoor kitchen takes advantage of this tendency. Whether it's a night of revelry with a crowd, a relaxing evening with the family or a romantic alfresco dinner for two, the outdoor kitchen serves as a natural gathering place for people. There's another reason outdoor kitchens are booming: property value. Homeowners recognize that an outdoor kitchen adds significant value to a home with a comparatively low investment. In some areas, outdoor kitchens have 24 even become an expected amenity for a comfortable home. In others, an outdoor kitchen is a standout feature, offering a valuable edge in any housing market. But practicality aside, outdoor kitchens are just plain fun. They're here to stay, and the creative possibilities are endless. To keep everyone in the right zone, it's important to choose a layout that not only works well for cooking, but also makes space for a fun, comfortable party. The grill itself is often the central attraction. Make sure there's plenty of space nearby for several people to sit and watch the action. Nearby doesn't mean next to. Your guests shouldn't feel like they're risking singed eyebrows when they're supervising the cook. DESIGN THE SPACE FOR SMALL GROUPS In addition to spaces at a bar or dining counter, many backyard kitchens include additional areas for full-scale dining and relaxing. Again, don't think you need a space big enough to accommodate all your guests in one large expanse. Instead, the zone approach works best here, too. Think about human party behavior and observe it at the next get-together you attend. Instead

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The Outdoor Room Boom
Successful Collaboration Between Landscape Architect and Pool Builder
Project Focus: Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping
Add Profits to the Job with Artificial Rock Waterfalls
Safely Operating the Service Truck
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Service Award Winner Honored
Moving Beyond the Basics of Water Chemistry
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The Edge - Q1, 2014