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Technical Feature Moving Beyond the Basics of Water Chemistry by John Puetz WHEN A POOL is properly closed in the fall, the process of opening it in the spring is a quick and simple one. Anyone who is familiar with a few seasons of pool closings and openings knows, however, things can and do happen. A few common examples of what can go wrong are: the pool is left uncovered; the cover has collapsed into the pool; the pool was treated with little or no algaecide at closing. Many dealers and service companies will check a pool once or twice during the off-season. Generally, this is as simple as checking to ensure that the cover is properly secured and has not come loose. THE EDGE 59

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The President’s Message
Taking Your Business to the Next Level
Don’t Hire ‘Deadbeats’ – Use Talent-Based Interviews
Three Routes to Increased Profitability
The Latest and Greatest Online Marketing Tools
The Outdoor Room Boom
Successful Collaboration Between Landscape Architect and Pool Builder
Project Focus: Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping
Add Profits to the Job with Artificial Rock Waterfalls
Safely Operating the Service Truck
Selling Energy Savings
Service Award Winner Honored
Moving Beyond the Basics of Water Chemistry
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The Edge - Q1, 2014