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Business Feature Are You Good Busy or Bad Busy? by Jeffrey Scott HAVE YOU NOTICED how busy people are these days? They were busy last year, and now they are even busier today. But busy is not always good. T here are many different kinds of "busy." Just like the Eskimos have many different definitions for "snow," we need to differentiate between the different kinds of busy. Here is a list of "busy" - first the good, then the bad. GOOD BUSY Busy/focused: This means you are seeking a goal and strictly focused on executing that goal. It means your team knows what the goal is and knows what the important priorities are for hitting that goal. This is "good busy," if the team is working in lock step and everyone knows their role and goals in the business. Busy/productive: This means you are getting a lot done with your time. Perhaps you have numerous clients to service or a large backlog you are working your way through. Or it can mean you are following the 20-80 rule: you are doing the work that is most important and delegating (or simply not doing) the rest. Busy/productive should show up THE EDGE 13

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The President’s Message
NOW HIRING! How to Recruit the Best Frontline, Hourly Employees
Pool & Spa Company Owners Brace for Health Care Reform
Are You Good Busy or Bad Busy?
Project Focus: Aquatic Artists
A Pool for All Backyards: Hybrid Design
Technical Questions Answered
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The Edge - Q4, 2015