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the President's Message Volume 9, No. 4 The Edge is published for the Northeast Spa & Pool Association 6B South Gold Drive Hamilton, New Jersey 08691 (609) 689-9111 fax: (609) 689-9110 2015 Editorial Board Ron Derven Editor Frank Borrelle President NESPA Irene Insignares, CBP, CPO Vice President NESPA Ronald Falcioni, CPO Treasurer NESPA Barry Kenny Secretary, NESPA The Edge Staff Lawrence Caniglia, JD, CAE Executive Director Paulette Pitrak, MS, CSP Deputy Executive Director Kelly McKelvey Director of Communications & Marketing Trish McCormick Show Manager Pat Cava, CPO Director of Education Alcide Guzman Information Services Manager Beverly Burtt Show Administrator B.J. Hann Programs Coordinator Published by 5950 NW 1st Place Gainesville, Florida 32607 (352) 332-1252, (800) 369-6220 fax: (352) 331-3525 Publisher: Troy Woodham Editor: Leslee Masters Project Manager: Tabitha Jenkins Publication Director: Bill Lovett Research: Kevin Tran Advertising Sales: Maria Antonation, Jason Bullock, Brian Hoover, Nicole Hudson, Kevin Korner, John O'Neil, Beth Palmer, Margaux Tomac Layout and Design: Amit Kumar Singh PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2015/ NSP-Q0415/1445 Looking for a Bigger Bottom Line in 2016? NESPA Can Help by Frank Borrelle I AM HONORED to be president of the Northeast Spa and Pool Association for the 2015-2016 term. I welcome my Executive Committee that will be working closely with me in the next year, and I thank the former presidents of NESPA for their dedication to the industry and its members. A big thank you goes out to the NESPA staff and chapter administrators for their behind-the-scenes work that keeps us informed of organization and industry matters. Let's not forget the NESPA Board of Directors. I know how difficult it is finding time to volunteer when you are busy and overwhelmed with your own business. Last but not least, I thank you, the member, because without you we couldn't be the strong organization we are today. Probably the biggest challenge we have faced over most of the past decade was the recession that started in 2008. It took time, but the affluent buyers are coming back into the pool and spa market. At The Pool & Spa Show powered by NESPA last January, Dr. James Taylor of YouGov (formerly The Harrison Group), who researches consumer trends in the pool and spa industry, said that many affluent U.S. families, pushed right to the financial precipice in 2008, were only purchasing necessities. The good news is that these families are now back and are in the mood to spend. Some of that spending will be made on swimming pools and spas. Dr. Taylor's research revealed that 16 percent of affluent U.S. families consider themselves pool owners today and an additional 10 percent - about 3.8 million families - are in the market and will likely buy a pool in the next five years. That is a lot of potential, but the question is: will your company be ready to capture its share? You will if you take advantage of the many programs that NESPA has to offer in education and certification. Education. Like any smart business person, you want you, your company and your employees to be at the top of their game for the 2016 season opening. This starts with attending The Pool and Spa Show, January 25 January 28, 2016, in Atlantic City. There will be more than 80 seminars offered again this year; it is the prime opportunity for your people to update and refresh their skills. NESPA's commitment to education continues after the show with the 2016 Professional Training Institute (PTI). In addition, your chapter will feature its own not-to-be missed programs and classes in both the spring and fall. Certifications. Working closely with the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), NESPA is the place to achieve industry certifications for both you and your employees to create a more professional and profitable company. These certifications include: Certified Building Professional (CBP), Certified Service Professional (CSP), Certified Service Technician (CST), Certified Maintenance Specialist (CMS) and Certified Hot Tub Technician (CHTT). Licensing. Licensing is moving forward in our four-state region; it is not everywhere yet, but it is on the way. The way to get prepared for licensing is to keep up with developments in your area through your local chapter and NESPA and to get certified in 2016. Certifications are a big part of the licensing process. I look forward to seeing you at our show and at a chapter or regional meeting. If you have a pressing issue that NESPA can help you with, an idea for a new NESPA program, or if you simply want to volunteer to help, please call the NESPA office at (609) 689-9111 or email me at | Frank Borrelle is the 2015-16 president of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association. THE EDGE 7

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The Edge - Q4, 2015