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CHAIRMAN'S MESSAGE A s we move into the summer months ahead, we are all grateful to have made it through one of the harshest winters in recent history. Gone are the frigid temperatures, high winds and heavy snowfall that affect our daily decisions that have an impact on our winter protection costs, additional labour hours, lack of production and possible project delays. Weather conditions are just one of the many challenges we, as contractors, face on a regular basis. We accept the fact that we do not have control of what Mother Nature has in store for us. We accept the conditions and adapt based on our project needs and company benefit. Both as a contractor and as an industry, there are many ever-changing trends that will play a role in the coming years. Unlike the weather, however, we can have some control, be involved and have a say in how these trends will affect our industry. At the OGCA, we are fortunate to have an extremely competent and dedicated staff that stays on top of these issues as they are presented and ensures that we are heard, not as individual members but as a strong collective industry voice. This can and does make a difference. As we all are drawn into the upcoming elections and new leaders are elected, the effect on the industry will need to be addressed. What new legislation will be introduced or what changes to current legislation are proposed? How will the new Ministry of Prevention affect our industry and govern our decisions as to how we do business? At one point, we thought that we were on the same page with WSIB and now they are strategizing with WSIB reform. How will this affect our rate group, the rating system and the elimination of the unfunded liability? These days, more so than ever, it seems that in our ever-changing environment, there are many issues for which we need to stand unified. It is of no surprise that OGCA members have one of the best safety records in the industry and continue to do so year after year. This year, OGCA has teamed up with the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association to provide a comprehensive 3rd Annual Leadership Day. This day will allow industry leaders to reinforce their ongoing commitment to improved safety performance and obtain valuable information on implementing and obtaining CoR certification. Without a doubt, obtaining certification requires dedication to the cause. Your association has worked hard to bring CoR to Ontario and to have this designation as the respected safety requirement. Now we all need to do our part and involvement in Leadership Day is a good start. As public owners struggle with the deficit and minimal tax increases, they are looking at alternative construction/financing models to move ahead with public projects. This process is fairly new and invites a whole different set of challenges. As they bundle projects to make this a viable model, how will it affect our small and medium sized contractors? In addition to these new and varying challenges, we are consistently being faced with owners who are willing to compromise the bidding and tendering process, refuse public openings, propose onerous supplementary conditions and insist on unacceptable risk transfer. Make no mistake, some of these issues have been around forever and it is only with the involvement of your association that we are able to challenge them as an industry. We need the OGCA to remain strong, unified and focused on our specific concerns. These days, more so than ever, it seems that in our ever-changing environment, there are many issues for which we need to stand unified. Our members and industry stakeholders are depending on it. As Chairman, I am honoured to be representing the association in this milestone year. The Ontario General Contractors Association celebrates its 75th Anniversary at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel on May 31, 2014 and I welcome our members, sponsors and invited guests to what promises to be a great event as we return to the location of our first AGM, which was held in 1939. I would also like to thank all of our members, sponsors and spouses who dedicated the time and resources to attend the AGM and Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, this past October. It was a perfect location with great weather and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Hope to see you all this September at the AGM and Conference in Las Vegas. ■ Sam Cutruzzola President Inzola Construction, Inc. Spring/Summer 2014 7

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Workshield Health and Safety Solutions Inc. Formed to Meet the Requirements of New Legislation (297/13)

The Generals - Spring/Summer 2014