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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE A s you read through this issue, you will note we have a theme dealing with safety. This year, we are facing the single largest upheaval to hit the safety area in a decade. WSIB reform, which has been underway for some time, threatens to take a very dangerous turn by trying to reinvent the entire rate group and current financial strategy that has existed for a very long time. The battle over Retrospective and Perspective rating systems is happening. The OGCA is in the thick of these discussions which will, in our opinion, derail all the positive work that has been accomplished so far and end that progressive march to a better WSIB. Why? Because the WSIB will have to divert so many resources to this one endeavour, it will put at risk all that we have worked for. Changes proposed by the government to several pieces of legislation will impact the way we deal with temporary workers and affect the cost of insurance. The possibility that full indexing of claims, as advocated by labour, will be implemented, will wipe out the positive march towards eliminating the unfunded liability, adding billions in costs before the WSIB reaches full self-funding. David Frame has addressed these and several other key changes including those being launched by the new Ministry of Prevention. You will read several articles on steps that OGCA is taking to assist you to meet these new challenges and ensure you are not only prepared but ahead of the curve. This year we are seeing the largest reduction in available projects in some time: not the multi-billion dollar projects but those that sustain the small and mid-size firms that are the backbone of both the industry and the OGCA. Compounding this, we see owners moving further away from the industry system of bidding and tendering. Private openings, negotiated deals, post-tender addendums and more are appearing every day. New supplementary conditions that are, without question, ugly and transfer unacceptable risk to the contractor are also on the rise. The intervention of third-party paper gatherers and overseers has arisen to clog the system with debatable value to owners. The OGCA has a strong record of dealing with these challenges, but in tough times, that becomes ever more difficult as even the largest of OGCA's members decide not to rock the boat. As well as facing these contract challenges, we are facing a province deep in debt with an election coming or here already, and what are we doing to ensure there is change, that the province moves away from the brink of being a have-not province back to one that leads? What are we doing to ensure that real leaders are elected and will make change? In short, what are OGCA members prepared to do to address these challenges? In the year of our 75th Anniversary, perhaps it is fitting that we take time to remember why the OGCA was founded. We exist not for the benefit of any one member, but for the benefit of all. We came into being to give contractors a voice, to stand up for better conditions in contracts, on the site and in safety. We stood for a better industry for all. We are that voice and we work alongside our partners in this industry (CDAO) to make a better, safer industry. In the past years, we have become a proactive proponent of what is right and necessary to ensure a better, safer industry. Whether it is contract agreements, standing up against unfair tenders, creating Procurement Day to reach owners, or bringing CoR to Ontario, the OGCA is an effective advocate for the industry and for its members. But to ensure we succeed, we need to remind ourselves of why those industry leaders came together 75 years ago, how they put aside their competitiveness and rivalries and their self-interest to create a force that would make things better for everyone, regardless of In the year of our 75th Anniversary, perhaps it is fitting that we take time to remember why the OGCA was founded. We exist not for the benefit of any one member, but for the benefit of all. size or affiliation, an organization of leaders who would stand for what needed to be done and get it done. We are facing a major tipping point in our history. The challenges politically, economically and contractually are growing and we are one of only a few voices saying no, this can be done better. But it is you, the leaders of your firms, who will or will not make it happen. You and you alone must decide whether we move forward and lead the efforts for change, accountability, fiscal responsibility or whether we sit back and hope to ride it out. As your President, I am proud to lead a great staff and I know we can make a difference, but with your support, we can do so much more. In this 75th year of our organization, I ask you to think about what can be done if we return to our roots and take a stand together, regardless of our personal agendas, and let's make a difference. ■ Clive Thurston OGCA President Spring/Summer 2014 9

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Workshield Health and Safety Solutions Inc. Formed to Meet the Requirements of New Legislation (297/13)

The Generals - Spring/Summer 2014