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GOVERNMENT RELATIONS REPORT By David Frame Dean Refocuses OCOT on Public Interest O GCA has been a consistent critic of the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) as we do not agree with its lack of support for the promotion of the trades and its inclination to increase the difficulty to enter our industry. The College, in its first four years, has led with its regulatory mandate. It developed policy and procedures, reviewed all the apprentice ratios and initiated applications for mandatory certified trades. The focus has been on establishing standards focused on quality and safety. The problem is that unreasonably higher standards are a growing barrier for those who would like to enter the trades - the same trades that the Ontario government has a mandate to expand and provide attractive careers to more members of the workforce. Tony Dean, in his Review of OCOT, had the challenge of defining where the balance should be struck. The trades need to be both accessible and align with appropriate quality and safety objectives. His solution is to shift the focus from industry driven to the public interest focus. This is not a new feature of the mandate, but the College had failed to include independent representatives of the public in the governance and decision making process. Spring/Summer 2016 13

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The Generals - Spring/Summer 2016