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FEATURE Investigative Solutions Network Inc. Provides Workplace Threat and Risk Assessment By Ron Wretham, Co-CEO Investigative Solutions Network, Inc. "Y ou're going to regret this. I'm going to get you for what you've done to me! You're a dead man!" With that, the door slams and you're alone in your office with a million thoughts running through your head. Minutes ago you were counseling an employee regarding an allegation of impropriety. Now what? Do you ignore this and brush it off as an agitated employee just 'blowing off steam'? What if it actually was a threat? How do you know they won't return and exact revenge on the company's assets, another employee or on you personally? Workplace violence is an umbrella term that encompasses all types of violence, including 34 commercial robberies, threats from external sources (clients, contractors, ex-employees) and conflicts between co-workers. Reported incidents of workplace violence have grown significantly, yet most employers feel ill-equipped to recognize a viable threat, let alone know how to deal with one in an effective manner. First and foremost, don't under-respond to a threat and miss an opportunity to prevent violence from occurring. A threat, incident of harassment or other menacing behavior is the 'trigger' that initiates a risk. How that risk is evaluated and a comprehensive plan is developed to deal with it is where threat and risk assessment comes in. View this issue online at Threat and risk assessment is a systematic process in which information is gathered and evaluated, an appropriate intervention strategy is selected and then ongoing monitoring and oversight is implemented to evaluate the effectiveness of reducing the risk. Risk assessment can't guarantee that violence will or won't happen. No one can. What it can do is assist to identify likely cases of violence and guide the selection of best management intervention strategies. Violence in the workplace has a number of identifiable red flags and warning markers. It can be observed, evaluated, intervened, and in some cases, prevented. Threat assessment can be applied to verbal or written threats or other

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Investigative Solutions Network Inc. Provides Workplace Threat and Risk Assessment
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The Generals - Spring/Summer 2016