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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE By Clive Thurston Have we learned nothing in all of these decades about fair, open, transparent and reasonable procurement practices for design and construction? A s a great philosopher once said, "It appears to be Déjà-vu all over again." So it is not surprising that we in this industry seem to continue to replay yesterday's issues, causes and themes. When we were researching the history of the OGCA for our 75th Anniversary, it was interesting that Board Agendas and minutes from each decade had the same key issues. Issues such as safety, apprenticeship, contract clauses, fairness and transparency of tendering continually repeated themselves. While the issues remain, the details have kept time with new technology or procurement practices that have developed. Or have they? The OGCA is not alone in experiencing this phenomenon, as many of our fellow stakeholders recount the same reoccurrence of key issues relative to their members. Recently, the OGCA has been responding to more and more complaints of public buyers reverting to old habits which, when you question them, they actually believe it is something new. They often claim that the processes and systems they are putting in place are better and have not been tried before! Reality is quite different as procurement of design and construction services has benefited from new technology, such as BIM, and electronic tendering. The integrity, ethics and ultimate goal of designing and building have not. Yes, we are developing better ways to improve, but that should not be at the expense of our ethics and honour. Spring/Summer 2016 9

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President’s Message
Government Relations Report
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Following Their Footsteps: A Profile of OGCA Chairman Jason Ball
Meet the 2016 OGCA Board!
COR – The Game Changing Revenue Driver
PCL Raises the Roof on BMO Field
78th Annual AGM & Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C.
Investigative Solutions Network Inc. Provides Workplace Threat and Risk Assessment
New Technologies for Builders
How Lean Can Impact Construction
Five Things You Should Know about WSIB’s New Rate Framework
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The Generals - Spring/Summer 2016