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INCOMING CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE I It is up to all of us as members to continue to work and represent our association for the good of the industry. n 1939, Canada was preparing to go to war against Nazi Germany. It is a little known fact, and arguably less important in world history, that it was the same year that a group of Ontario entrepreneurs got together to form a professional association that has since changed the face of general contracting across Canada. Today, we are all benefitting from that vision. At the incorporation of the OGCA almost 75 years ago, they might never have envisioned that the membership would one day include over 200 of the best small and large, union and open shop general contractors in all of Ontario. It is up to all of us as members to continue to work and represent our association for the good of the industry. I believe that “by the members, for the members” rings as true today as the first time I heard it. Having been involved with the Board for almost 20 years and having experienced the benefit of attending most of the AGMs since New Orleans in 1993, I have had the opportunity to meet many of our association members and leaders who dedicate themselves to improving our industry both as staff and as volunteers. Our strong foundation grounds us when we face necessary change. Our association has evolved into a recognized, respected and prominent voice within the industry and government circles. As we continue to reinforce our position, we need to understand that the status quo is not good enough. As my term has approached, I have become increasingly aware of the challenges that we face now and those we will have to conquer in the future. As leaders, we must learn to cope with the government’s need to address the growing infrastructure deficit by considering alternative financing, funding and delivery methods. We must embrace innovation in the form of new technologies, including the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM), which is becoming more prevalent industry-wide. And, we need to get on board with the Certificate of Recognition (CoR) program because it is the right thing to do, not because more owners are requiring it. As Ontario continues its strong and stable growth, foreign interests are knocking on the door looking for business opportunities. I know our members don’t fear competition. They face it every day. However, competition needs to be on a level playing field and that is not always the case. Tendering issues, procurement methods, a shortage of skilled labour, WSIB, Prompt Payment and the College of Trades all require our attention. Some days, we take three steps forward on these issues, while on others it seems we take one step back. With Clive’s leadership and the support of our knowledgeable and dedicated staff team of David, Mary, Julie and Judy, OGCA continues to move the needle in our members’ favour. The formation of the Construction Design Alliance of Ontario (CDAO) has enhanced OGCA’s growing government voice by adding the unified strength of our industry partners. Most recently CDAO, at OGCA’s urging, has successfully shone the spotlight on problems surrounding bundling of AFPs (see cover story, page 19). I look forward to strengthening our relationship with the group of member associations representing all areas of our industry. Earlier this year, we developed a new Strategic Plan to help guide the evolution, growth and development of the Association. A key focus of my term will be to ensure that we meet and exceed these member-driven objectives. I would like to take this opportunity to thank David Blake, our outgoing Chair, for his hard work and dedication, not only for the past year but also for his involvement as a Board member over the past 12 years. David, I wish you well on your future endeavours. I am honoured to be incoming Chair. I look forward to working with staff, the Executive and Board of Directors to serve our association membership. I am also looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible during the AGM and Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, October 2 to 6. This Sun & Serenity event is one that you will not want to miss as it promises great weather, good friends and an entertaining and informative program. Hope to see you all in sunny Arizona! ■ Sam Cutruzzola President Inzola Construction, Inc. Fall/Winter 2013 11

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The Generals - Fall/Winter 2013