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CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE I t has been a very busy and successful year for the OGCA. We started the year with a full agenda and over the past year have accomplished more than we set out to do. The OGCA is very well recognized in Ontario for the quality of the services we provide to our members and the impact we have on our industry, which we know will continue in future years. The benefits of being a member are huge. The association is strong and will continue to be involved in the major issues that benefit our members. Some of the accomplishments that were achieved over the past year include: Development of a New Three-Year Strategic Plan The new three-year plan was rolled out to our members in February 2013. Our Mission remains the same with the five key areas of 1) Advocacy; 2) Safety; 3) Procurement; 4) Education; and 5) Excellence. The development process of this plan went together very well with the involvement of a group of Board Executives and some of the members. The objectives and priorities have been established. The OGCA staff and board are currently working on developing these, and further reports will be issued as things fall into place. The objectives of our last three-year strategic plan were completed well ahead of the target dates and we hope to accomplish things with this plan in a similar fashion. Successful 8th Symposium The association’s 8th construction symposium was successfully held in April at Blue Mountain. The number of attendees was the highest of all symposiums with 675 members and partners present. The event included a number of very informative and well-presented sessions. We received a lot of coverage of the event and a number of comments on the quality of the sessions. The event also included the presentation of the builder awards, which recognized some of our members’ significant accomplishments. Mike Bullard’s entertaining presentation of the awards made for an The OGCA is very well recognized in Ontario for the quality of the services we provide to our members and the impact we have on our industry. enjoyable evening while rewarding the winners and runners up in all categories. and reduced fees. Our involvement and monitoring of the progress will continue and we will keep our members up to date with the progress. Construction and Design Alliance of Ontario (CDAO) The OGCA has been very active in the development of the CDAO over the past couple of years and our President, Clive Thurston, is the current chair of the alliance. The CDAO includes a group of 14 design and construction provincial organizations. They are continuing to achieve recognition at the Government level involving some of the major issues in our organizations. This has turned out to be a very valuable group with which to be associated. Leadership Day A safety-focused leadership day was held in February and was well attended by our members. The topics for the day were the WSIB, safety prevention, and the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association implementation of the COR program. Elizabeth Witmer provided an update for the changes happening to WSIB, George Gritziotis provided an update for the Prevention Office, and Paul Casey outlined how the COR program implementation was going. Prompt Payment Act Working together, the OGCA and the National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada (NTCCC) were successful in completing a proposed Prompt Payment Act document that protects and improves the payment process for contractors and subcontractors. The Act has been introduced to the Ontario legislature, and has now reached second reading with very little opposition. OGCA and NTCCC involvement will continue during the finalization of the Act to ensure that the legislation continues to protect contractors and subcontractors. Procurement Issues Procurement issues continue to be an ongoing requirement of the association in order to support the members with the bidding conditions that arise. Progress has been made in this area with a number of the major procurement offices. A number of contracts have been rewritten due to the negotiating efforts of the OGCA. The association is currently in negotiations with a number of other organizations, which we hope will create some further improvements in this area. In October, another procurement day is planned. It will include buyers, contractors and consultants to discuss the tendering issues. The OGCA will continue to monitor and get involved in the issues that impact our industry and our members. It has been my pleasure to serve as your Chair and to represent a great association. I wish your new chair, Sam Cutruzzola, a successful year. ■ David Blake College of Trades (COT) Since the OGCA has voiced its position that it is not in favour of the COT, we have continued to work with our coalition partners in opposition. This has resulted in a slowdown of the program Executive Vice President McKay-Cocker Construction Ltd. Fall/Winter 2013 7

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The Generals - Fall/Winter 2013