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GOVERNMENT RELATIONS REPORT By David Frame It's Time for Leadership in Skilled Trades Training M ajority governments are completely different than minority ones. Minorities survive from budget to budget. Legislation needs support of another party to be passed into law so, as a result, controversial proposals are not presented and there is much uncertainty. The new Liberal majority is very different. The government knows they will be up for re-election in four years. Proposals that require policy development, particularly public participation, need a long lead time and a high commitment of political will. So this is the time and the opportunity to do the heavy lifting, engage the stakeholders and set important direction. The first big initiative for Ontario's construction industry is to revisit payment legislation, specifically construction lien legislation and proposals for prompt payment. The industry has been clamoring for Lien Act reform for more than a dozen years and it hasn't been done because there are no easy answers, and governments can lose support as easily as win it in the process. The Wynne Government committed to the review this spring when they released Bill 69 (prompt payment legislation) which, while having popular support, didn't allow for numerous contractual types, and lacked support from the buyer community. Bill 69 was attempting to deal with some payment issues that need to be addressed through the Construction Lien Act, so the government's solution is to start with a comprehensive review of the Act and payment law and then generate proposals for new or updated legislation. OGCA is a supporter of this process and the intended outcome. We have been actively supporting such a review for years. The Lien Act OGCA has approached the government with a proposal that they develop an independent review with a broad mandate that includes identifying the optimum opportunities for our tradespersons and for OCOT to focus on the big issues. Fall/Winter 2014 13

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The Generals - Fall/Winter 2014