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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE By Clive Thurston Through joint committees and sharing services that can enhance all organizations, we will be providing greater value to the members of our associations. W hat does it take to ensure the good health and continued prosperity of the Design and Construction industry in Ontario? That has been the major question facing OGCA and its many industry partners. For many years now, we have worked to address that question. Whether it is improvements to contracts and procurement, improved legislation, WSIB reform, or the promotion of a strong Safety Culture, OGCA and those we work with have made a difference. The world of associations has been changing for some time. We recognized this very early on and instituted a number of initiatives to meet that challenge. Today we know others have seen the writing on the wall. The world of construction associations is changing, along with the world we operate in. At the local level, it has become apparent to many that there may be too many local construction associations (LCAs) and with the closing or re-engineering of the plans room industry, many will have to reevaluate their value for membership and how to survive in this ever-changing landscape where technology and alliances are taking over. New ways are being explored, such as the CDAO which was the first virtual association to address this new world. Specifically targeting one of the most important aspects of our industry - procurement - and operating without the traditional administrative structure of current associations, it strives to make a difference in improving procurement. Its members have supported similar efforts to deal with other major files like health and safety. There is a blueprint here that may prove helpful in bringing together groups with similar goals in a working format. This includes developing a policy of collaboration and education aimed at the changing world of public procurement. As we face the loss of more and more industry-trained and experienced professionals, procurement of design and construction services has been treated as a commodity and not a service, which is causing major headaches for owners as well as the industry that is trying to respond. The failure to understand and respect industry processes long-established through its own set of Fall/Winter 2015 11

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The Generals - Fall/Winter 2015