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FEATURE Adapting to Changes in Group Travel Part Two by Jeffrey Reed I n the Fall 2015 edition of The Road Explorer, tour operators spoke out on the changes in group travel and why, if they didn't jump on board with adaptations, they would be left behind. Indeed, this is a time of change in terms of economic trends, demographic shifts and technological advances, all of which interact to put more demands on the group travel industry. Just as tour operators must meet the demands of change, so, too, do destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and all associated industry members, including tourism agencies, municipal and regional tourism offices and even restaurants. In Part Two of this feature, those industry members take their turn reflecting on change. Ian McMillan, executive director of Tourism Sault. Ste. Marie, and a member of the board of directors of the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, said anticipating change and The Road Explorer 10 Spring 2016 avoiding complacency is imperative to achieving success. According to McMillan, the Soo tourism department said this strategy stems directly from the fact that the modern traveller is always on the lookout for an "authentic experience, whether it's in the arts, culture or history. They want a hands-on experience, a behind-the-scenes look. We need to almost provide trips à la carte, so groups or tour operators can

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The Road Explorer - Spring 2016