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FEATURE Membership Do's! by Annette Redican A s with the majority of memberbased organizations, OMCA (Ontario Motor Coach Association) is continually challenged to demonstrate its value to both current and prospective members - and perhaps never more so than when annual dues invoices are issued. In an ideal world, the recipients will have been fully engaged with the organization throughout the preceding year and of the solid opinion that they have received measurable value for their investment. The decision to renew should be a no-brainer. Realistically though, especially in light of economic times marked by increasing commitments and diminishing resources, that call may not be guaranteed. So, if it's acknowledged that simply joining isn't enough and that membership involves a commitment of both money and time and a need to realize maximum value for this investment, what motivates participation in OMCA? Why join or continue to be a member? It's as basic as the ABC's... Advocacy - OMCA champions the tour industry's interests to the greater business community and/or specific government agencies. When the motor coach industry is confronted with major challenges, OMCA leads and lobbies to ensure the diverse needs of the group-tour segment are considered and addressed as policy is determined. OMCA membership is a cost-effective tool for ensuring your company's input concerning industry-wide issues and activities. Business - An effective association recognizes that for its members it's all about the bottom line, and at the end of the busy day, OMCA does just that. Equal parts proactive and responsive, the organization aims to continually accommodate the members' requirement to realize a measurable ROI. It understands that for the majority of members, their primary concern for their respective company/product is maximizing profits. OMCA programs are designed to allow members to facilitate relationships, build business, grow a company's reach and, ultimately, to increase profits. Connections - "It's not what you know, but who you know!" Even in the lightening-fast age of social media, where, theoretically at least, connecting is simpler than ever, relationship-building remains a key to success. OMCA's Marketplace, member events, meetings and educational seminars provide members with effective forums to develop strategic relationships, identify mutual opportunities, explore new collaborations, share and critique trends in the marketplace, and book business. Data - Access to up-to-date tour-related information, current industry regulations and group travel expertise ensure members can make Inquiring Members Want to Know... In a nutshell, tell me about the OMCA and why I should be a member? OMCA is the premier member-based industry body representing the Ontario motor coach group travel industry. An indispensable business partner for companies - including coach operators, tour operators, suppliers and products & services - with a stake in the motor coach industry, it is dedicated to providing high-value opportunities for its members to grow their respective businesses. Joining OMCA means becoming an integral part of a strong inclusive network of interdependent businesses that collectively produce greater results than they do when working individually. information at event/marketplace/. We'd like to participate at the OMCA Marketplace. How do we arrange that? Registration for the 2016 OMCA Conference and Marketplace (Sunday, October 30, 2016 - Wednesday, November 2, 2016, in the dynamic Niagara Falls, ON, at The Scotiabank Convention Centre & Hilton Hotel and Suites Niagara Falls/Fallsview) will open in March 2016. In order to attend, non-members need to join OMCA; the event is open to members only, with the exception of the Guest Buyer Program. Current members can access Why do I have to be/become a member of OMCA to attend? The OMCA Marketplace is ranked among the leading marketplaces staged for the motor coach industry, and attendance is one of the primary benefits offered by the OMCA. It is restricted to members in good standing for several reasons. Members, via their membership, demonstrate a willingness to invest in the group tour industry, thereby contributing to its vigor. Also, as OMCA is committed to a high standard of ethics, members are expected to exercise the utmost good The Road Explorer 14 Spring 2016

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