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FEATURE Culinary tourists want to get a taste of local culture... literally by Sarah B. Hood "...the percentage of U.S. leisure travelers who travel to learn about unique dining experiences grew from 40 percent to 51 percent between 2006 and 2013." The American Culinary Traveler ith the rise of food-focused television, the increasing interest in local food, the rebirth of the craft beer and cider industries, and the growing fascination with celebrity chefs, culinary tourism has become a niche to ignore at your peril. So-called "foodies" come in many shapes and sizes, but since every tourist likes to eat, there's a food-related focus for every segment of the tourism audience. And research shows the core foodie demographic is growing. Already by 2007, YBP&R/Yankelovich, Inc. found that "44 percent of leisure travelers (U.S.) now feel that the opportunity to try different and unusual cuisines is a very/extremely desirable attribute of a vacation." The American Culinary Traveler report of 2013 found that "the percentage of U.S. leisure travelers who travel to learn about unique dining experiences grew from 40 percent to 51 percent between 2006 and 2013." Based on 2,113 web interviews conducted in May 2013, the report estimates that three-quarters of all U.S. leisure travelers - or 131 million Americans - can be classified as culinary travelers. The Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to "bridging the gap between the food and travel industries," reports that "dining at restaurants featuring local foods" and "going to local cafés" are the top food related activities for Canadian culinary tourists visiting Ontario. It is interesting to note that the chance to try local food is far more of an attraction than fancy dining. The Road Explorer 18 Spring 2016

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