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BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS of following work procedures develops consistency and professionalism within the cemetery operation. I have asked Corina Burnell, manager of Cambridge Cemeteries, to write the first topic explored in this new series of cemetery-related articles. Ms. Burnell is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people I know to offer this update. Ms. Burnell held the position of deputy registrar of the cemeteries branch with the Ministry before accepting the position of manager of cemeteries with the City of Cambridge a year ago. new Changes to the Bereavement industry in 2016 - what's new for Cemetery and Crematorium Operators CEMETERiAn™ I By Corina Burnell, Manager of Cemeteries, City of Cambridge am very excited to share some of the more relevant topics affecting the cemetery industry in Ontario through the Facility Forum. Each publication will feature a leader in the cemetery industry, explaining the most current and up-todate information available for a cemetery operator, no matter how small or large the scale of their operation. Relevant topics that must be addressed by all cemetery operators regardless of their size include monument and grounds safety, grave set-up, dealing with the bereaved, ensuring interment rights holder validity, by-laws, contracts, yearend reporting, selling/transferring of interment rights, cost recovery methods, cemetery design options, ministry reporting, cemetery rates and fees. My intent is to provide the reader with contact information on all of these items as each topic is explored. I have built a strong relationship with each of these cemetery industry leaders and they are willing to share their great wealth of knowledge to grow the professionalism of the bereavement industry. It is important for all cemetery operators to be aware that assistance is available by sharing a particular cemetery operations issue and receiving guidance to find the established proper cemetery practice. Most people, when looking at the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act and its Regulations, find it difficult to put that information into everyday practice. Formal Cemeterian™ operation and management training takes the guessing out of cemetery operation decision making. Every task that a cemetery operator performs can be linked to the legislation or other documentation that has been established to govern cemetery operation and management (i.e., by-laws). Samples of written work procedures for tasks such as grave layout, grave opening, and marker installation can get the cemetery operator started in creating their own work procedures for every task. The process 24 | ontario recreation FacilitieS aSSociation Effective January 16, 2016, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) assumed responsibility for the provisions of the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 (the Act) that apply to cemetery and crematorium operators and their sales representatives. As a not-for-profit corporation, the BAO is responsible for administering this legislation and regulating the bereavement industry on behalf of the Ontario government. Although the BAO operates arm's length from the government, the ministry will still have a strong oversight and policy role. The BAO carries out the regulatory functions that were previously provided by the provincial government (Cemeteries and Crematoriums Regulation Unit, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services), except for cemetery closures and abandonments, war graves and burial sites, which will still be handled by the ministry. The BAO is the point of contact for matters related to licensing, trust accounts, complaints, inspections, and investigations for licensed operators and the public. The BAO is currently governed by an interim board of directors that will eventually be replaced by a permanent board of directors. This will include three stakeholder advisory committees: Funeral and Transfer Services Advisory Committee; Cemetery, Crematorium and Municipal Advisory Committee; and Faith-Based

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