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AqUATICS modernization of Safe Food and Water Regulations under the Health Protection and Promotion Act iSSUE The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) is undertaking a comprehensive review to inform the modernization of regulations made under the Health Protection and Promotion Act that govern food and water safety in Ontario. The review will include: * Context for Action * Regulatory Review Plan * Key Regulatory Issues Identified * Stakeholder Engagement Plan * Next Steps * Stakeholders have identified issues that can strengthen the current regulatory framework. * Changes in technology and evidence present an opportunity to modernize the regulations, ensuring they are responsive and adaptive. * Comprehensive regulations that set clear expectations for regulated parties * Optimal use of alternative approaches (i.e., outcomes-based or non-regulatory approaches) REGULATORy REviEw PLAn Overarching Goal: 1. Are there redundant requirements that serve no additional benefit (e.g., duplication of other regulations; outdated; no evidence)? 2. Are current science and technological advancements (and resulting improvements in industry standards) reflected in the regulatory requirements? If not, should they be considered? 3. Where are the gaps and what regulatory provisions/policy tools are needed to address the identified gaps? 4. What clarification is necessary to avoid and address inconsistency in application across the province? 5. Are there alternative approaches that may be better suited (i.e. less prescriptive, outcome based or no regulation)? 6. What are the expected financial or economic impacts of any proposed changes? COnTEXT FOR ACTiOn To modernize Ontario's safe food and water regulations by undertaking a comprehensive review focused on strengthening the overall effectiveness and efficiency of environmental health practice. Food and water safety in Ontario is currently governed by six regulations under the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA): Now is the right time to review, update, and modernize the regulatory requirements and exemptions for food and water safety: Guiding Principles: * A flexible and responsive regulatory framework that is evidence-based and supports innovation * Ensure public health benefit is the overarching consideration; streamlined, concise and user- friendly Regulation year Introduced Ontario Regulation 319/08 - Small Drinking Water Systems 2008 Ontario Regulation 562 - Food Premises 1967 1 Ontario Regulation 565 - Public Pools 1944 Ontario Regulation 428/05 - Public Spas 2005 Ontario Regulation 568 - Recreational Camps* 1940 Ontario Regulation 554 - Camps in Unorganized Territory* 1944 * Includes requirements for both food safety and water supply The Small Drinking Water Systems transitional and permanent regulations were introduced in 2008 and do not warrant review at this time; however, the transitional regulation, Ontario Regulation 318/08, is due to be repealed. 1 30 | ontario recreation FacilitieS aSSociation key Questions Guiding the Regulatory Review key Regulatory issues identified * Operator and employee training * Public disclosure of inspection results * Notification to Ministry of Health to commence operation

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