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WHAT'S HAPPENING Industry Watch orFa continues to monitor a variety of topics that have or may impact the recreation facilities industry. the following topics are currently being monitored for member awareness. Should members have additional input to these or other emerging topics, please contact terry piche, orFa technical director at tpiche@orfa.com or graham nesbitt, orFa coordinator, training and development at gnesbitt@orfa.com. TSSA Examination Requirements for Compressor and Refrigeration Operators The essay format requirement for Compressor and Refrigeration Operator B has been eliminated and Refrigeration Operator A exams no longer include a multiple-choice component. Please refer to the chart below for details. ExAmInATIon REquIREmEnTS EffECTIvE JAnuARy 1, 2016 Certificate Examination format Compressor operator 150 multiple-choice questions Refrigeration operator B 150 multiple-choice questions Refrigeration operator A Essay-type, consisting of 5 questions The Operating Engineer Chief Officer's decision to enact these changes reduces the burden on those entering the profession without compromising safety or efficacy of the process. These changes harmonizes Ontario requirements with all other Canadian jurisdictions (British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador) who regulate the 'Refrigeration B' industry, and subscribe to the SOPEEC singular examination model. The remaining jurisdictions, with the exception of Quebec, which has adopted different standards, do not regulate the refrigeration industry. FAQs What does this mean to me? If you've successfully written your RB-1 or C-1 exam, and met all other prerequisites for certification, you are now eligible for certification! I've already registered and paid to write the exam. Will I get a refund? No. The fee you've paid will be applied toward the cost of your Operator initial certification fee. Please contact the TSSA Certification and Examinations department at 416-734-3590 for more information. What does this mean for Ontario? More qualified certificate holders available to meet local demand. If you have any questions, please contact TSSA's Certification and Examination department at 416-734-3590 or email examinationandcertification@tssa.org. Radon - Bill 11 Update Bill 11 is proposed legislation titled Radon Awareness and Prevention Act, 2014. It has currently passed the second reading. If enacted employers will be required to monitor for radon levels in any workplace in Ontario. This proposed legislation includes articles that would require the province to: * educate the public about radon gas exposure; * promote the measurement of radon levels in residential dwellings; * require the province to measure radon levels in every provincially owned building; * require building owners to measure radon levels in every workplace; * to take steps to remediate the exposure levels to levels below guidelines; and * amend the Building Code Act to require any dwelling be constructed to minimize radon entry and facilitate post-construction removal. Facility Forum | 9

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