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BUILDINGS & GROUNDS Understanding the Highway Traffic Act - Demerit Points T he Highway Traffic Act (HTA) is Ontario provincial legislation adopted in 1923 to assist in the reduction of accidents that were occurring in the early years of vehicle traffic. Police services primarily enforce the Act, with most breaches involving a monetary fine, as well as possible loss of demerit points. As much as a police officer may indicate the amount of points that will be lost as part of an HTA infraction, the demerit point system is actually controlled by the Ministry of Transportation (MOT). A fully licensed driver that accumulates 6 demerit points will be sent a warning letter. At 9 points, an interview with the MOT is required to discuss the driving record and to offer reasons why the driver should not have their license suspended. Failing to attend will result in immediate license suspension. At 15 demerit points, the license will be suspended for 30 days from the time that it is surrendered to the MOT. Failing to surrender a license may result in the loss of driving privileges for up to 2 years and may also require re-examination (vision, knowledge and road tests) of a license. At this point demerit points will be reduced to 7 points, and any extra points could result in the interview meeting reoccurring and if 15 points is reached again, the license will be immediately suspended for 6 months. Demerit points on a license will likely result in increased insurance premiums. The increase generally occurs on the next policy renewal date, at a time when the insurance company searches the operators driving record. Each insurance company determines how they will charge for tickets and what the increase will be on premiums. Most insurance companies do not take the demerit point total into consideration, but look more at the severity of the ticket. An accumulation of too many tickets may result in nonrenewal from the insurance company. Insurance companies may charge for up to three years for a traffic violation on a driver's record, and the charge goes from renewal date to renewal date, not from the date of the ticket. With the introduction of license plate scanners, a typical police unit is able to process up to 25,000 license plates during a 10-hour shift. Police officers are 22 | ONTARIO RECREATION FACILITIES ASSOCIATION able to determine the status of the plate (valid sticker) and the identification of possible high risk drivers. Most officers are now able to have a general overview of the vehicle and the driving habits/ record of the owner before they get out of their cruiser. Technology also allows the insurance company and the MOT to link together to confirm if insurance coverage remains valid. Providing an officer with insurance paperwork that is not valid may be considered to be fraud. In the workplace, the shift by many employers away from providing employees with corporate vehicles to a mileage chargeback system requires that the worker inform their insurance company of this relationship. Failing to do so, may reduce the amount of coverage available under the policy. It is also important to note that it does not matter what vehicle a driver is operating when fines or demerit points are collected. Driving a work vehicle unsafely will impact drivers' personal insurance coverage premiums. It is also worthy to note that vehicle accidents at work may also have the Ministry of Labour investigate and lay charges. Remember that driving in Ontario is a privilege not a right! ■

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