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PHOTO COURTESY OF TILLSONBURG NEWS MEMBER PROFILE RICK COX Director of Recreation, Culture & Parks, Town of Tillsonburg Please list up to three of your most memorable career-related experiences. I vividly recall an incident when I was lifting the planks on a header trench to try and find the spot where a slow brine leak was dripping from. I could see the small bright yellow puddle in the bottom of the trench so I knew I was close. I was kneeling down, reaching forward and putting my hands on joiner after joiner when one disintegrated in my hand, splashing brine into my mouth. Yummy! What a mess. I remember working with some excellent contractors, technical experts and operations staff to design and install a complex DHW system that improved the resiliency, safety and quality of our work, while at the same time reducing utility consumption and making better use of space. It is so rewarding to be part of a 34 | ONTARIO RECREATION FACILITIES ASSOCIATION team that regularly finds solutions that turn out to be greater than the sum of their parts. My most rewarding memories are of those special event days when a facility is literally bursting at the seams with people of many ages enjoying themselves doing activities of all sorts. Parking is non-existent, smiles are everywhere. All of the preparation has been done, the aftermath won't come for hours, and

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Industry Watch
Arena Lighting – The Here and Now!
The Cemeterian
Understanding the Highway Traffic Act – Demerit Points
Effective Emergency Planning
Controlling Recreation Facility Energy Vampires
Risk Management
Poor Aquatic Maintenance
Pool Fouling
Member Profile
ORFA’s Top 10 Recreational Supervisory Failures
Health & Safety (PSHSA)
Shutting Down the Refrigeration Plant for the Summer Season
Energy Savings Inside Your Refrigeration System
Energy Champion
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Facility Forum - Summer 2016