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REFRIGERATION & ICE Shutting Down the Refrigeration Plant for the Summer Season By Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. A seasonal ice rink operator will often define their life by the arena's ice in and ice out schedule. Most can tell you how long before the ice goes in, or out. Turning off the refrigeration plant and having the hum of the equipment silenced will give a sense of reduced anxiety, knowing that worrying if there will be an unplanned shutdown is over. Putting the refrigeration plant to bed for the summer months requires careful planning. Tremendous risk to facility personnel and community residents is involved in the shutdown and isolation of any refrigeration system. Further, an improper shutdown can result in significant equipment damage. Determining who is qualified to actually shut down the equipment must be the first step in the process. Worker age does not guarantee competency. Just because someone has worked there the longest does not qualify them to undertake such work. If the person starting or shutting down the plant is not 1) a qualified refrigeration mechanic, 2) a TSSA certified refrigeration operator or 3) a Certified Arena Refrigeration Plant FACILITY FORUM | 41

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Shutting Down the Refrigeration Plant for the Summer Season
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Facility Forum - Summer 2016